Breaking News: LSD Stipulation
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Breaking News: LSD Stipulation

Lee here….

First off I will not lie….it felt really really really good to be back in front of the camera and inside the ring last night. My goal was always to return at that show and at that venue.

Other than The Best Arena….nothing beats the atmosphere of Madison Square Garden.

Now you can rewatch everything that went down on the show over at or here on HOTv…..but for those asking about the why?

Stay tuned.

Trust me……Jace EARNED that last night.

So speaking of Jace and the reason I am posting some news here on a Monday morning.

Now this might not be fair considering that the Pirate King will be down half his vision now, but I had already booked this stipulation with the Old Trafford reps, so do NOT blame me here.

Totally innocent.

Anyway….the LSD Championship match will start inside the ring in the middle of the hallowed pitch of Old Trafford and will only end once one of the men secures the LSD Championship.

Ill pause so that sinks in.

I got shit to do so the pause is over….

What that means that SOMEWHERE in Old Trafford the LSD Championship will be placed. Neither man will know where. The first to find the title and put two hands on it….BOOM.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Now I had my friends in the EPU secure the LSD Championship last night while Jace was crying crocodile tears in the ring, so it is already in my possession.

Good luck…..King.