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We have breaking news flooding into just mere hours before the Lethal Lottery goes live on air from the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re going to send it to Blaire Moise, who is live on the scene, outside of the arena.

A live shot of the outside of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is shown. Fans are gathering around outside of the site of tonight’s Lethal Lottery event. Some of them cheer wildly, and others are in stunned silence. HOW Hall of Famer Blaire Moise is seen standing outside wearing a thick coat. Her hair is a bit of a mess and her makeup isn’t fully done. It’s clear that Blaire was not prepared to make this spur-of-the-moment report but as the professional that she is, she presses on.

Blaire Moise: I’m here outside of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse here in Cleveland where the Lethal Lottery is set to air in about an hour or so. However, we’ve had a random act of violence committed here before the show can even start.

Blaire pauses as the camera pans over and shows a section near the front entrance of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. An ambulance is on the scene and HOW trainers alongside EMTs can be seen kneeling down and attending to an unknown individual.

Blaire Moise: As fans began to line up out here and wait to be let inside of the building. An unidentified person was fall beaten, bloodied, and unconscious on the property.

Blaire walks over to a light post as the medical personnel continues to work on the individual.

Blaire Moise: The person was found unresponsive and handcuffed to this light post. They were slumped over in a pool of their own blood, but no one knows who is responsible for this sickly attack. The only clue we found on the scene was this.

The camera pans down to show the pool of blood on the ground near the light post. A playing card can be seen floating on top of the pool of blood. The camera zooms in and it’s seen that the playing card is a King of Spades.

Blaire Moise: As gruesome as this is, we’ve gotten word for the GOD of HOW himself. He says that the show will go on as planned tonight. Fans are going to be let inside the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse early to prevent another attack like this from happening here tonight.

The victim of the attack can be seen being loaded up onto a stretcher as the live shot ends.

We’ve gotten word here at that the victim is a local indy wrestler in the Cleveland area. He goes by the name of [CENSORED] and it appears as if he was here to watch the Lethal Lottery event live.

As Blaire stated, the Lethal Lottery will go on as planned tonight. We here at will be sending prayers to [CENSORED] and his family. We’ll have more on this story when we receive word on [CENSORED]’s condition.