Why JPD wasn’t at Chaos 019 on Sunday night.
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Why JPD wasn’t at Chaos 019 on Sunday night.

A bit of breaking news has flooded into the HOWrestling.com website this evening that was not seen on Sunday night’s Chaos 019 event in Chicago. It shows why the HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson did not appear at the event even though he was scheduled and advertised to appear.


The parking lot of The Best Arena was filling up nicely just hours before Chaos 019 was set to go on the air tonight. A random cameraman was wandering filming footage of the Chicago fans lined up around the building literally salivating over the chance to step inside of the building and witness what all HOW had in store. The cameraman shifts from the fans to pick up a tall figure in the distance. The lens is jostled a bit until we get a clear view of the figure is none other than the HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson.

Jace is pulling a small suitcase with him as the fans all start to notice and shout in his direction. Realizing there is no way he’s going to get inside of the building without some form of crowd interaction, Jace stops and reaches into the bag. He pulls out the LSD Championship belt then takes a few moments to talk to the crowd and take some pictures with the various fans and the Championship belt. Once he feels like he’s done more than enough Jace waves to the fans before placing the title back into his suitcase. Jace continues his way towards the back entrance of the arena out of the view of the fans before he’s once again stopped. However, not by a fan this time.

Terrence Miles Davidson: I am utterly disappointed and offended that you would dare talk to me the way you did the other day.

Jace rolls his eyes a bit then stares at his biological father.

Jace Parker Davidson: Well, that sounds like a YOU problem and frankly? I don’t have the time nor the desire to help you solve your piddly ass problems.

Jace goes to walk past Terrence, but his father cuts off his pathway.

Terrence Miles Davidson: I don’t think YOU understand the gravity of the situation.

Terrence stands defiant in front of his son which causes Jace to narrow his eyes.

Jace Parker Davidson: I understand perfectly. But if you don’t get out of my way and out of my face? I’m going to make you understand the gravity of my fist.

Terrence Miles Davidson: That’s all you are, isn’t it? Just a big muscle-bound bully. No diplomacy to be found in a fiber of your being. However, unlike all of these other so-called athletes that you ally yourself with, I am not afraid of you. I AM your father, and you WILL learn to respect me.

Jace Parker Davidson: What are you going to do? Ground me? Take away my video game privileges? Got news for you, POPS. You’re a few decades too late for all that. I’m a grown ass man and I survived back then WITHOUT you. Bet your miserable fucking life that I’m doing fucking fantastic WITHOUT you now.

Jace points his index finger in Terrence’s face but Terrence scowls before slapping the finger away.

Terrence Miles Davidson: You don’t know shit about nothing. Nothing other than acting like an unskilled savage all around the country for money. I bet you have a goddamn Ph.D. in being thrown from the highest point inside of one of these arenas and breaking your own neck.

Jace narrows his eyes as Terrence continues.

Terrence Miles Davidson: I am educated, I have culture, and manners. I have made something of myself while you are nothing more than a failure. I tried doing things the nice way, I tried to come at you in a civil manner. But that is too hard for you to comprehend. So, allow me to speak in terms that you will understand. You will NOT interfere in my dealings with your mother. If I want to make her sell that horrid thing that she calls a house, then you will keep your mouth SHUT. If I want to get back together with your mother, then you will sit quietly in the corner and do nothing like a good CHILD should. Do I make myself clear?

The two men stare at each other intensely. Jace rolls his neck a little bit then spits down onto the asphalt beside him.

Jace Parker Davidson: You think I’m dumb, right? You think I’m just some overgrown kid that doesn’t see the big picture.

Jace chuckles a little bit before reaching out and snatching Terrence by the collar of his shirt.

Jace Parker Davidson: I know more than you realize, don’t believe me? I know how you get head from Madison because she was mad that I picked Samantha over her. I also know that ever since then you’ve tried to pressure her to give you more than just that. Even offering to pay for it. How you tried to legal your way into getting her to sign papers to keep your little secret. So, if you think that I’m just going to sit back and let you weasel your way into fucking my mother’s or my life for a SECOND time.

Jace tightens his grip on Terrence’s collar.

Jace Parker Davidson: Well, I’m sure you know what happened to Dennis Brown since you decided to come to the rescue with that lawyer. Franklin was his name, right? I hope you remember that well because if you ever even look at my mother again. I’ll make what I did to him look like a pillow fight compared to what I do to YOU.

Jace shoves Terrence backwards as he releases his grip on his collar. Terrence staggers a bit then fixes his shirt as Jace grabs his suitcase and walks by him.

Terrence Miles Davidson: Instead of leaving your mother while she was pregnant with you…

Terrence pauses and coughs a bit.

Terrence Miles Davidson: I should have done the world a favor and pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Terrance spits out without venom in his tone. Jace stops dead in his tracks and his body tenses to the point he’s stiff as a board. Quietly, the rage burns throughout Jace’s body like a five-alarm fire until finally he spins on his heel and punches Terrence as hard as he’s ever punched someone in his life.

Terrance goes down and is sprawled out onto the asphalt barely conscious, but Jace isn’t down. He kneels down over Terrence and begins to unleash years’ worth of aggression and hatred out on his own father. The knuckles on his hand begin to become strained a crimson red before Jace finally pulls himself back to a vertical base. He paces around frantically in the parking lot before yelling down at Terrence.

Jace Parker Davidson: Get up! GET THE FUCK UP!

EPU members begin to rush out of The Best Arena to gain control of the situation. Even outnumbered, Jace manages to pull himself free from the EPU members then hit Terrence with Bend the Knee down onto the asphalt. The sound of flesh and bone hitting asphalt echoes sickeningly throughout the parking lot. The EPU members grab a hold of the LSD Champion with a renewed urgency. Jace is pulled away from Terrence and the arena itself as EMT’s rush out of the building to attend to his father.


Lee Best was not pleased with the fact that Jace, along with former partner Scott Stevens, lost the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts at PWA 01 to MVW’s own Alabama Gang. After receiving word of what happened outside of his own arena, the GOD of HOW decided that Davidson needed some time to reflect on his actions and pulled him from being allowed anywhere near Chaos 019. Even though the start of the LSD Championship contender’s tournament kicked off on Sunday night.

There is no word if Jace Parker Davidson or Lee Best and HOW will be held liable for the actions of the LSD Champion. We do, however, have more footage from later that evening taken by an anonymous fan that was in the area just outside of the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. It shows Terrence Miles Davidson being discharged from the hospital but unable to find transportation away from the facility.


A shaky view from a phone is shown of someone sitting on the curb outside of the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. The person holding the phone seems to be hiding somewhere not wanting to be noticed but manages to get closer to the point it’s clear the person seated on the curb is Terrence Miles Davidson.

Terrence a neck brace around his neck and stitches on his forehead to close the wound on his head from earlier. Terrence looks despondent and defeated after the confrontation earlier with his own flesh and blood. There is a far off look in the man’s eyes as he continues to sit on the curb with absolutely nowhere and no ability to go. He is broken out of forlorn trance by the sound of a female voice.

Unknown Female: Looks like you’ve had a rough night.

Terrence sighs without even bothering to look at who the person is speaking to him.

Terrence Miles Davidson: What gave it away?

Terrence responds a bit pathetically with a hint of sarcasm.

Unknown Female: Someone is usually only sitting on the curb in front of a hospital because they are under the influence or they were shot. You don’t look like either of those things. So, unless you’ve lost a loved one here tonight, I think there is another layer to this story.

Terrence waves his hand in the air lightly before scoffing.

Terrence Miles Davidson: I try and I try and I try but no matter what I do. Some people just never let you get through to them. So much for the whole ‘Blood is thicker than water’ thing. I’m tired of being kicked around and disrespected. I want revenge.

Terrence’s eyes begin to light up with a burning desire but just as quickly that light is snuffed out and his despondence returns.

Terrence Miles Davidson: Who am I kidding? I can’t even figure out how to get from here back to my hotel, the airport, or anywhere else for that matter.

Unknown Female: Sometimes the universe brings two people together at the perfect time. Allow me to help you find somewhere way more comfortable than that curb to rest.

The hand of the female gets extended down towards Terrence. He leans back a bit to see the identity of his mystery samaritan. His eyes widen a bit before he accepts her hand and she pulled him up to his feet. She wraps Terrence’s arm around her shoulders and helps him away from the hospital.


As you can tell the person holding the phone tried getting multiple angles on just who the unknown individual was but they were blocked off from plain sight.

Just who could it be?

What do they really want?

And what does this mean for Jace Parker Davidson?

All questions we here at HOWrestling.com would love to know the answers to but until those are revealed, we’ll keep you updated as the story continues to develop.