Joe Bergman Addresses HOW Future
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Joe Bergman Addresses HOW Future

Blaire Moise: Blaire Moise here and I was able to catch up with Joe Bergman after last night’s ICONIC show where he was unable to win the LSD or win back the HOTv World Tag Team titles.  Here’s what he had to say.

(CUT TO… Last night)

Joe looks a bit beaten and dinged up but he doesn’t look overly upset.  He has his arm around his significant other… Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Women’s Champion Victoria McGill… as he answers Blaire’s questions.

Blaire Moise: Joe, I know you have to be disappointed after what happened tonight.

Joe Bergman: Actually Blaire, I thought I did pretty well considering.

Blaire Moise: But you lost both matches.  How can you not be disappointed?

Joe Bergman:  Blaire, because I did the best I could.

Blaire Moise: You’re not even a little upset?

Joe shrugs.

Joe Bergman: Why should I be upset?  For starters, I’m not going to give Lee Best or anyone else in the Alliance that satisfaction. Two, I pulled out all the stops tonight.  I hit Jace with a fireball… slapped the Dragon Sleeper on someone… and I gave it everything I had knowing that I had an uphill battle to begin with and the deck was heavily stacked against me. No… I’m not upset in the least because it is what it is.  I knew it was probably going to happen.  In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone knew it was going to happen.  I hoped that it wouldn’t and I would leave with both titles but…

He shrugs again.

Joe Bergman: …it wasn’t meant to be.  No regrets.  I did what I could.  Life moves forward and so does Joe Bergman.

Blaire Moise: So after Steve Harrison’s loss, your losses in the LSD and HOTv Tag Team title matches, Steve Solex turning on you and the Highwaymen, and Clay Byrd’s loss to Christopher America in the main event, is there any future for the Highwaymen after tonight?

Joe laughs.

Joe Bergman: Nah, I’m pretty sure after last night the Highwaymen are done. 

Blaire Moise: Done?

Joe Bergman: As far as I’m concerned, we’re done.

Blaire Moise: Well, one other thing that came from tonight is it looks like you and Jatt Starr will be on a collision course in 2023.

Joe Bergman: No.  No we’re not.

Blaire Moise: But-

Joe Bergman: Blaire, as you may or may not know, my short-term deal with HOW expired tonight.  That means right now there is no collision course with Simon Sparrow in 2023 because as of right now there is no Joe Bergman in HOW in 2023.

Blaire Moise: Wait.  Does this mean you are leaving HOW?

Joe Bergman: Oh no… not necessarily.  It means Joe Bergman is keeping his options open.  

Blaire Moise: What do you mean?

Joe Bergman: Blaire, I warned Lee a few weeks ago that my loyalty to HOW ended after the end of the short-term deal and I told Lee point blank that I could be just as happy working at Bergman’s Barn.  And after what happened tonight, that may be what I decide to do. 

Blaire Moise: So again, are you ruling out a return to HOW in 2023?

Joe Bergman: No.  Look, if Lee wants to talk, I’ll be happy to listen.  But… BUT… let’s get real here.  The only reason Lee Best will want to keep Joe Bergman around is so I can be cannon fodder for the latest incarnation of his circle-jerking, masturbatory super-alliance.  I mean, if that’s what he wants… fine… I will listen to what he is offering but I’m saying right now if I’m going to get my head kicked in every week by this new alliance of super bad guys then Lee’s going to have to pay me a little more money.

Blaire Moise: A little more money?

Joe Bergman: A LOT more money.

Blaire Moise: And if Lee doesn’t?

Joe Bergman: Then I’ll stay at home. 

Blaire Moise: You wouldn’t look at PRIME or anywhere else?

Joe Bergman: I know I said I wouldn’t before.  Now, well if Lindsay Troy… or sVo’s Jon Page… or Josh Johnson from SHOOT would call me… I would listen to what they had to say. Hell, if Ray McAvay or Charlie Blackwell down at Texas Championship Wrestling called me… I’d definitely listen to what they had to say…

Joe shrugs again.

Joe Bergman: …because as of right now, Joe Bergman is a free agent.

End video.