HONKING NEWS:  Return Imminent
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HONKING NEWS: Return Imminent

As 2023 Contract Negotiations have kicked off, HOWrestling.com has learned through the grapevine about another returning name.  Today we can confirm the news that Darin Zion and HOW have reached an agreement that will kick off start on January 9th, 2023.  Zion’s new deal is as follows:

  • $100K for 1 year
  • $10K per win
  • 20 HOW/PWA Matches

We received the following comments from the Darin Zion camp regarding more details about this new deal:

“First and foremost, I am glad HOW and I could reach a new deal.  I’m not going to sugar coat what happened at the end of my 2022 deal.  I was pissed off and I didn’t handle things the REAL LOVE way.   I’d gotten injured by one of those flash in the pan rookies and just came off facial reconstruction surgery.  I turned off all notifications and wanted a break.  Luckily a couple buddies alerted me to surprise booking shortly after my surgery.  If there’s one thing REAL LOVE doesn’t love–it’s not showing up.  So I did some back handed dealings and tried to at least appease fans.  However after getting forced into competition that night against that worthless piece of shit, Brian Hollywood–I threw a fit.  I felt my contract got breached and REAL LOVE left the building.  I didn’t take 24 hours–I just got sick of it all.  All the disrespect everyone was showing me built up and I needed to get my head in the right space.   I almost left the entire businessI loved over it. 

Rightfully so, I pissed off GOD.  I endured his vengeful wrath as expected.  As many would expect, I am on my last chance in High Octane Wrestling.  The pressure is on for REAL LOVE to perform this run.  So I’ve locked on that mentality and emotional charge I felt that night.  REAL LOVE’S really fuckin’ tired of everyone laughing at him and making him the butt end of all jokes in HOW.   It got so bad I almost walked away from professional wrestling entirely.  It took a couple of true HALLMARK moments to convince me to even return home.  But ultimately, I am glad Lee and I could reconcile our differences.

But over the past 3 months, I’ve had an epiphany!  It’s time for Darin Zion to focus on some REAL, TOUGH LOVE when he steps into an HOW ring again.  First and foremost, this deal allows me to be unequivocally myself and be unequivocally unapologetic.  I’m going to be true to my natural self moving forward.  And I honestly don’t give a shit if I ruffle a few feathers along the way.  My second run here was all about pleasing every fucking critic I’ve had backstage.  But the one thing I learned through that journey–it’s never going to happen.  Some people will #RallyZion.  Some will be my detractors.  But the one thing REAL LOVE learned is marching to the beat of his own drum has always won himself titles and success.  So, I’m not pandering any more.  I’m buckling down.  No more wasting time with these shitty Discord ban games.  No more wasting playing everyone’s little fuckin’ brother behind the scenes.

If I piss you off and we have a problem–you better step in that fucking ring and handle it.  Sometimes you’ll like me.  Sometimes you’ll hate me.  Let’s face it Darin Zion is one of the most polarizing characters in HOW history in the sense that I have both detractors and promoters.  Sure, maybe I am not main event player yet.  Maybe I am too emotional.  There’s things I could definitely improve upon and I’m not at a legendary status.

But will I pour my blood, sweat, and tears into High Octane Wrestling?  FUCK YES!  There’s never any doubt to me this is home.  And I’ll give my home promotion my all every night for the glory of hopefully earning #97RED someday.

So TICK TOCK.  The clock’s counting down to my first move back.  When and where I’ll strike after January 9th comes around…that remains to be determined.  Maybe that week I come out and wrestle a match.  Maybe I make a statement.  But until then….I leave you with this….