Scottywood Declared Dead
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Scottywood Declared Dead

Today we are getting reports from numerous news outlets and we here at can confirm that HOW Hall of Famer, Scott Woodson aka Scottywood was legally declared dead today.  After losing to Scott Stevens at Rumble at the Rock, Stevens ignited the explosives that had been placed there by Scottywood and blew up the chapel on the island.  After days of what was a rescue operation that turned into a salvage one, sifting through wood, steel and concrete rubble, there was no sign of The Hardcore Artist.  We spoke to the San Francisco Fire Chief, Sidon Ithano and he had this to say to us.

“When we arrived at Alcatraz, the fire was burning extremely hot already.  After the fire was contained, we found steel that was melted.  It is extremely likely that the victim body of one Scott Woodson, was completely burned in the inferno.  No discernible DNA evidence was recovered from the scene.”

Reaching out to Frankie the Cameraman who had been scheduled for a few weeks now to come onto HOW Chaos to update us on the condition of Scottywood, but were only able to reach his son, Ben Reeves.

“Frankie is extremely traumatized right now, he tried to make it to the HOW shows, but after suffering panic attacks, he couldn’t make it.  Now that we have this legal declaration, hopefully we can start to proceed with getting some closure.  At this time, Frankie has no future plans to show up in HOW as it is too painful for him to even think about HOW.  So we ask you all for some privacy while we grieve.”

We also tried to reach out to Bobbinette Carey, but were unable to contact her.  This could explain her absence from Chaos this past week if she had early knowledge of this report coming out.  The two have been close friends for over a decade in HOW, teaming up together on numerous occasions trying to win Tag Team gold.  With her scheduled to fight Steve Harrison this week on Chaos, it will be interesting to see where The Queen B’s head is at come that match.

At this time we have no word if any charges are being filed against the man who blew up the chapel at Alcatraz, Scott Stevens.  One would argue that the two had a contract for this match that relieved each other of any liability.  But the match was technically over when the chapel was blown up… albeit by explosives that Scottywood set up.  Rumors of arson and manslaughter charges have been discussed, but we can not confirm that they are in any means going to be pursued.  For now HOW fans can also try to find some closure from losing one of HOW’s longest tenured wrestlers, a wrestler who many thought was invincible after years of complete disregard for his own body.  No word on if HOW will have a memorial for The Hardcore Artist, for those wishing to pay their respects to Scottywood, we will keep you all updated with any further developments in this story.