Scott Stevens responds to JPD and Frankie
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Scott Stevens responds to JPD and Frankie

We here at have received a message from Scott Stevens regarding the recent comments from Jace Parker Davidson and Frankie Woodson.

“Jace, since you graciously want to pay Joe Hoffman’s fine and because you want to be an ass hat and defy rules and regulations handed down by me your fine is now fifty thousand dollars. If you have an issue with it take it up with GOD.”

“Frankie, the estate of your father has been fined ten thousand dollars. Don’t worry the fine is in the mail. Also, instead of worrying what I do how¬† about you worry about your own issues like were you are to plant your father’s dead corpse. I will allow you to come to Chaos and say your final goodbyes, but any mention of your father’s name or anything related to him will result in your microphone being cut off and your immediate removal from the Best Arena by the EPU. One last thing, don’t take my kindness for weakness. Just cause I’m allowing you to step foot in HIS Golden Circle doesn’t mean you want to poke the bear. Besides, you think your son can stop me? It worked out so well for him the last time.”

If we have more to this story we will update you as soon as possible.