Ray McAvay Statement
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Ray McAvay Statement

Missouri Valley Wrestling owner Ray McAvay released a statement earlier tonight in response to some comments made by Lee Best last night.

Ray McAvay Statement:
For the record, I’d like to point out the following…

Adam Ellis has not been a contracted wrestler with MVW since August when he signed with PRIME.

Joe Bergman is contracted to High Octane Wrestling.  He has not been a contracted wrestler with MVW since he signed with HOW back in February 2019.

In fact, I can confirm there were no MVW wrestlers involved in what happened last night nor were there any MVW wrestlers on hand at all inside the Best Arena. 

 So to lump MVW in with Ellis and Bergman for what went down last night after Chaos 017 is… well… misguided.  

As for the MVW-branded Zippo lighter thing, contrary to what Cancer Jiles once said about the alleged lack of ‘concessions’ at a MVW show, I can confirm that Missouri Valley Wrestling- and our wrestlers- sell quite a lot of merchandise- one of them being a MVW-branded Zippo lighter. 

Now, does Ray McAvay appreciate the irony of a lighter being found next to Jace Parker Davidson after he got taken out last night? 

Yeah.  I do.   

Last, but not least, Christopher America.  Chris,  to show you just how much I appreciate your comment about MVW last week and I know our fans really ‘appreciated’ being called ‘midwestern filth,’ tomorrow night at MVW’s house show at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois, we are going to give Christopher America the respect and honor that he deserves.   

We’re going to set up a booth in one of the Peoria Civic Center concourses with a mannequin dressed up like Christopher America… complete with a picture of America’s face placed over the mannequin’s head.   For just $10, the midwestern filth can be in the presence of  the greatness of “Christopher America,” admire “Christopher America,” get their picture taken with “Christopher America,” flip off “Christopher America,” make funny hand gestures behind “Christopher America’s” head, throw pies, water balloons, darts, bowling balls, or other projectiles and missiles… at “Christopher America.”  Hell, if they want, they can even walk up and kick “Christopher America” in the balls- just like GREAT SCOTT tried to do to Brian Hollywood last night.

Seriously, for just the low cost of $10, is there really any better way to honor Christopher America? 

I don’t think so. 

The best part about this is all proceeds from the booth will go to a worthy local Peoria charity.