Fuck The Highwaymen and the MVW
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Fuck The Highwaymen and the MVW

Fuck Adam Ellis

Fuck Joe Bergman

Fuck MVW

I know Solex vs. Jace is official for the LSD Championship at ICONIC….well CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE MOTHERFUCKERS.

I am adding two people to that match.

Joe Bergman and Steve Solex will take on Jace Parker Davidson and Scott Stevens for the HOTv Tag Team Championships at ICONIC and IF BY SOME MIRACLE someone pins or submits Jace…they will win the LSD Championship as well. The match will be a contested under a LSD-esque stipulation however. MOAR to come on that.

Adam Ellis vs. GREAT SCOTT next week…….Steel Cage for the HOTv Championship.

Fuck All Ya’ll.

That is all.

-Lee “Motherfucking” Best