Frankie the Interview
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Frankie the Interview today got to interview HOW Hall of Famer, Frankie the Cameraman regarding the status of… well out of fear of a 10K fine from Scott Stevens… we’ll just say a certain now former HOW wrestler.  Some of this story may have been edited to follow new morality standards of HOW.


Frankie: What do you mean I can’t say –BEEP– name? Scott Stevens is gonna censor you.

Frankie: They are gonna sense me? No.. censor

Frankie: Yeah… sense, that’s what I said.  That beeping thing.  I’ve never been beeped ever.  –BEEP– would be very mad at me if I used dirty words like he does.  But with that said, Scott Stevens is being a giant firetruck right now.  He won.  He blew up the chapel at Alcatraz with my father in it after stabbing him on that crossy thing.  But he had to go and take it further.  All I want to do is update the HOW fans on what happened to Scotty at Alcatraz.  Do you know I’ve been so upset that I even went to Disney World last week to try and cheer myself up?  Not even rides on Rise of the Resistance and Guardians of the Galaxy helped! Well what is the update of the condition of… your father?

Frankie: We’re still trying to… figure it all out.  But I’ll be at Chaos this week and update the HOW fans in person!  And if Scott Stevens wants to stop me… if he wants to “beep” me… then he can try.  Though maybe he should consider focusing less about wiping my father’s name from his poopy Stevenspedia history… and more on trying to win title belts.  Will I get beeped if I mention Great Scott? I don’t think so…

Frankie: Well then maybe let my father’s name go… and focus on Jace and the LSD Title.  Because if you want to continue Stevens-washing of history… then know this, I’ll have my son with me.  And if you wanna cause a scene, he’ll be happy to get some payback on you. Well thank you Frankie and we look forward to getting an update at Chaos.

Frankie: What if I just say Scott?  That could be anyone of the three Scott’s.  Then I say “and” in Spanish.  Then I say wood?  Like Stevens is a big wood head. I’m not sure how these new Morality Rules work exactly…

Frankie: Scott y wood.  You can try to forget him… erase him… kill him… but he will always be in your head Stevens.  Always… See you at Chaos!!!  Now where are my LEGO pieces I bought in Disney!