2 hours after RATR
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2 hours after RATR

Undisclosed Hospital
San Francisco, California
Sunday October 30th, 2022
About 2 hours after RATR went off air

Rumble at the Rock 2022 was a brutal event and many of the HOW superstars did not leave Alcatraz in one piece. One of those people was the current HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson. He went to war with Bobbinette Carey in the kitchen of the empty prison and barely escaped with his Championship belt and his life. Jace was stabbed three times during the match and thanks to Cass Baumer was saved from leaving Alcatraz in a body bag.

Jace was helped away from the kitchen and received medical attention for all of his injuries. However, all he accepted to have done was to have his stab wounds treated and bandaged. Once that was finished, he caught the first ride back to the mainland in search of the hospital that STRONK Godson was flown to after the infirmary match. It took a while to pinpoint which one but once he found it he hobbled his way through the building until he found Abdullah Choi.

STRONK’s manager and roommate happen to be pacing back and forth in a hallway in front of a hospital room.

The man seems like he’s in the middle of a nervous breakdown and is muttering to himself as he continues to do laps in front of the hospital room. Jace hobbles his way over towards the man that helped him plot Bobbinette Carey’s demise then grabs him by the shoulder.

“Shelley!” Jace shouted, snapping the man out of his meltdown.

“Holy hell, you look like shit! And the name is Choi… C-H-O-I!” He ran his squirrely fingers through his sweat matted hair.

“Well, fuck, I did just get some being a war with Bobbinette Carey not long ago and that bitch fights dirty. Where is STRONK?” Jace asks before looking around.

“Oh, fuck me!” Choi exclaims before he goes back to pacing back and forth.

Jace becomes agitated then grabs a hold of Shelley once again.

“WHERE IS STRONK?!” Jace raises his voice at STRONK’s handler.

Choi doesn’t respond verbally. Instead, he reaches into the pocket of his off the rack blazer and pulls out an envelope. He hands the envelope to Jace then goes right back to pacing and mumbling to himself.

“What the fuck is this?” Jace asks but gets no response.

Jace shakes his head and decides to open the envelope. He pulls out the piece of paper inside which is a signed form that rightfully transfers STRONK’s shares of STRONKUMMS LLC. over to Jace in the event of a tragic accident. Jace folds the piece of paper then grabs out to grab Shelley by the collar of his shirt.

“What the fuck is happening, answer me!” Jace begins to violently shake the man that killed MONGO the Bull. 

Choi finally snaps out of his meltdown and responds.

“STRONK is gone! He’s fucking gone!” Choi says as Jace finally stops shaking him.

“He’s really dead?!” Jace’s voice cracked trying to say the words.

“I don’t know!” Choi throws his hands into the air then starts to turn around to pace again.

Jace reaches out and grabs a hold of Shelley by the back of the shirt and stops him. He spins the manager back around and stares at him.

“What do you mean you don’t know?! You better know something, talk or they will be putting YOU on life support!” Jace threatens.

“I don’t know whether STRONK is dead or alive but if you’re going to put me on the spot then my best guess is that he’s dead as a doorknob. Bicep curling in that sweet gym in the sky.” Choi lowers his head and covers his mouth with his hand.

Jace grits his teeth together then reaches out and punches the nearby wall with his good hand. There is a low groan of pain as Jace leans back against that same way for support.

“What room is he in?” Jace inquires in a defeated tone.

“I don’t know.” Choi mumbles after uncovering his mouth.

Jace narrows his eyes over towards Shelley.

“I swear to fuck if you say I don’t know one more goddamn time–” Jace is interrupted by Choi.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! I looked at every single hospital in the area to find STRONK Daddy and this was the last one on the list. They confirmed that he WAS here but seemingly just magically just vanished. No one will tell me if he’s alive or dead or where he’s at. Everyone’s been sworn to secrecy by Papa Best.” Choi begins to claw at the side of his face.

Jace pushes himself off of the wall and over to Choi. He leans down and talks in a more hushed tone.

“If Lee is all over this then there might be hope yet. Tell me everything you fucking know.” Jace hissed in a tone only audible to Shelley.

“The paperwork I had drawn up weeks ago by the Big Guy’s orders. He didn’t trust me to be the majority shareholder of the company but wanted to leave his shares to you. STRONK Daddy was gone by the time I got here but the nurses are keeping their lips sealed. No one will answer a question about STRONK or what their phone numbers are–” Choi stops as Jace grips the back of his neck hard.

“Focus.” Jace growls as he releases Shelley’s neck.

“The only thing I heard is a couple of doctors mentioning that STRONK Daddy had a massive coronary. The ticker went kablooey and they said something about more testing. Which means they’re going to find out the truth. And that’s going to be the end of me, the end of you, but more importantly the end of ME. I’m far too handsome and slightly feminine for the slammer.” Choi begins to panic again.

“What do you mean ‘the truth?’” Jace wraps his arm around Shelley’s shoulder and smiles as a nurse walks by.

“The ‘roids, man! All the fucking steroids that I… that WE pumped into STRONK made his heart burst like a hotdog left in a microwave for too long. The steroid abuse, the STRONKUMMS and the cocaine. They’re going to find out about it all then it’s curtains for us and our business. We’re completely fucked and I’m not even hard right now!” Choi becomes hysterical at this point.

Jace once again places his hand on Shelley and grips his shoulder tightly enough to cause the pain to overtake the hysterics.

“You need to calm the FUCK down. You’re not guilty if you act like you’re not guilty. If Lee Best is the mastermind behind this confidential situation, then you can bet your ass that he’s not going to let anyone outside of HOW approved personnel to touch STRONK’s body.” Jace reassures Shelley.

“But what about the company? What about STRONKUMMS?! Regardless of if they find out about all the illegal shit in STRONK’s system. The fact that the meathead keeled over on worldwide television is not good for business. That’s majorly terrible publicity, bad juju. We’re fucking stuck with all this product and no one will touch the stuff!” Choi continues to panic.

“We’re not sunk yet.” Jace says, thinking out loud.

“What could we possibly do?!” Choi asks desperately.

“First of all, we lower the prices on the products big time. Second, we cut the doses of steroids and cocaine in half. Cheaper product at a lesser dose means they have to buy more of it. Third, we need to spread the word that STRONK Daddy is still alive and well while finding someone to stand in as the face of STRONKUMMS LLC.” Jace says as he pulls out his phone.

“This is no time to be ordering Chinese but if you’re ordering an escort then I’ll take three.” Choi leans in so that he can look down at Jace’s phone.

“I’m not doing any of that. I’m getting in touch with our STRONKUMMS LLC sponsored athlete. I’m about to tell him the ‘good news’ and make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Jace says as he types away on a text message.

“Then what? We skip town? Maybe leave the country? I hear the Mexican donkey shows are wonderful and very inexpensive.” Choi suggests in a hopeful tone.

Jace puts his phone away then just glares at Shelley.

“We’re doing none of that. Look, Shelley–” Choi interrupts Jace.

“Choi! My name is Abdullah Choi!” Choi protests.

“Your name’s going to be fucking roadkill is you keep interrupting me. Your name is Shelly Greene. I don’t give a flying fuck what you legally changed it to on record. You want someone to call you that? Hit the goddamn drive thru at Starbucks. What you ARE going to do is go back to Minnesota and live a normal fucking life. You’ll have the house to yourself and no STRONK around to treat you like a man servant. Go by some furniture, watch some TV, and act like life is fucking normal. Anyone asks… actually scratch that. Anyone talks to you then you pretend you don’t know English. Answer zero questions. We’ll wait a week and let GREAT SCOTT do what he does best. Business as fucking usual. Now pack up your sit and go to wherever the fuck is it you live at in damn near Canada.” Jace instructs Shelley.

Choi nods his head and begins to head down the hallway but then stops to turn back towards Jace.

“I’m a little low on cash and you know that it’s a LONG way back to Minnesota. Just the ride to the airport and then the flight itself and then food and the bills at home are due and–” Jace covered Shelley’s mouth with his own hand.

Jace reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. He opens it up then hands Shelley the STRONKUMMS LLC Liberty expense card.

“I just dropped over 7 million dollars on my place in Denver but there should be enough money still in there to cover all of your expenses.” Jace says before placing his wallet back into his pocket.

“Good looking out. I promise I will act normal and boring for as long as it takes. I’ll only spend on the absolute necessities.” Choi says before tucking the card into his pocket.

Shelley waves at Jace before turning around to leave the building. Of course, he absolutely lied through his teeth. He wasn’t going to be normal and he sure as fuck wasn’t going to spend on only the necessities. He was going to blow every single red cent that card gave him access to on drugs and hookers. He knew it, Jace knew it, even several of the nurses who Shelley propositioned before Jace arrived knew it.

What could possibly go wrong?