Ray McAvay Talks Cancer Jiles and JPD Comments, Thoughts About RATR
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Ray McAvay Talks Cancer Jiles and JPD Comments, Thoughts About RATR

On the eve of another busy house show weekend as Missouri Valley Wrestling heads to Kansas for five big shows, MVW’s backstage interviewer Kellie Burkowski caught up with MVW owner Ray McAvay and here’s some of what he had to say about HOW/PRIME’s Cancer Jiles and HOW’s Jace Parker Davidson as well as his thoughts about HOW’s upcoming Rumble at the Rock pay per view show.

Cancer Jiles ‘No Merch Stand’ Comment About MVW
*rolling eyes* Jiles wasn’t in the building long enough to see the merchandise stands.  The Egg Bandits flitted in and out as quick as they could.  Conversely, The Highwaymen (Joe Bergman, Clay Byrd, Steve Harrison, and Steve Solex) spent time before and after the show interacting with our fans and spending time at the MANY merch tables that are set up at our house shows. When Xander Azula has wrestled here, he took the time to meet the fans after the match.  But Jiles?  Nope, he was gone as soon as his match was over.


Madison Carter/Jace Parker Davidson Comments About MVW
If you look up ‘insufferable douchebag’ in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Jace Parker Davidson.  If Jace actually showed up at an MVW show, he would find wrestlers, young, mid-career, and late-career who are working their asses off to earn that shot at the big time.  We’ve produced some good wrestlers who made the move up… Halitosis/Joe Bergman, Adam Ellis-who won a HOW Tag Team title and earned a contract at PRIME, and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson had his big moment last year wrestling at HOW’s ICONIC and challenging John Sektor for the LSD title.

That being said, personally, I’m glad JPD doesn’t accompany Madison because she needs time to develop in the ring without Jace’s needy, selfish, self-centered narcissistic attitude and his incessant desire to suck up on the oxygen in the room and make everything about him.  Madison’s getting precious time in the ring at MVW to develop as a wrestler without the pressure of having to learn on the fly on a big stage like HOW.  I know she’s in 5BW too and doing well there so I think she’s got potential if she keeps with it.

Predictions for Rumble at the Rock
First off, I hope Joe Bergman knocks Bobby Dean’s block off and Steve Harrison shuts Christopher America up.

Clay Byrd and Frank Dylan James will hopefully be a banger… and epic hoss fight to end all hoss fights.

Bobbinette Carey vs. Jace Parker Davidson will be awesome.

STRONK Godson and Conor Fuse will be equally awesome.

I’m happy to see Scottywood go out in what will surely be an awesome, hardcore, violent Crucifixion Match against ‘The Demi-God of HOW’ Scott Stevens.

I’m very much looking forward to the Azula-McRae HOFC match as well.  This should be a really good show.