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ICONIC Matches and Information

Good morning,

Woke up hurting today….so why not hurt some feelings so everyone can hurt with me?

Alright…a few matches for ICONIC got made last night and with that in mind I am going to announce a few more.

SO here is the ICONIC card as of right now.

  • World Champion Christopher America defending against #1 ranked Clay Byrd
  • LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson taking on Steve Solex for the first and last time ever in a singles match at a PPV
  • #3 Steve Harrison taking on fellow #3 ranked Conor Fuse
  • #9 Jatt Starr will be taking on fellow #9 ranked Joe Bergman
  • The eGG Bandits will be defending the HOTv Tag Team Championships at ICONIC
  • GREAT SCOTT will be defending the HOTv Championship at ICONIC

ICONIC (Much like EVERY SHOW this PPV Period) will be taking place at The Best Arena in Chicago.  The date? December 18th.

That is all for now.

Have a day assholes