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Dude like chill guy. Bobbie’s just fucking around with you, lol. No one is ducking anyone and I haven’t played Duck Hunt in a while, either. My gun doesn’t work well anymore. I mean the NES gun, not some dick metaphor Cancer Jiles, stop thinking everything is about a penis. Duck Hunt was published in 1984 (great year btw), how do you expect the gun and game to still work flawlessly? Plus technology today isn’t very compatible with vintage games let’s be real.

Anyway Christopher, you go enjoy #97, it was a super fun achievement I had for a while. No hard feelings, all good, even tho you needed like 5 guys to help you beat The God of WarGames (I guess that’s me but then I’ve lost back-to-back WarGames so I’m not really a God LOL). Like I’ll do the Mr. Magoo thing and Who Framed Roger Rabbit right now. I’m OKAY doing this shit then one day I’ll come find you good luck vs. Steve Harrison really hate that guy.

Also Mr. Magoo is a fun vintage reference. Created and developed in 1949, bro that’s real vintage.

Though I do like your proposed spin on who’s killing Bobbie. Some real Murder on the Orient Express shit. I dig.

K, well I’d love to stay and chat but I gotta go get ready for my tag. See ya eventually, Chris!