Proud and STRONKER
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Proud and STRONKER

The HOW camera went live this Sunday afternoon in Miami, Florida outside of the FTX Arena. The site of Chaos 007 later tonight live on the HOTv network. A large… and when I say large, I mean massive… crowd has gathered in the parking lot of the arena. The show is sold out but people are still there trying to get a ticket to the show to see the main event which will feature HOW ICON Champion Tyler Adrian Best taking on HOW LSD Champion and the hometown hero Jace Parker Davidson.

The people gathered in the parking lot can be seen to be having a good time. They are standing in front of a small podium that has been set up in the center of the parking lot. The smell of STRONKUMMS being cooked and served to the crowd fills the parking lot. Suddenly a loud roar of cheers emanates from the packed parking lot as the man himself, Jace Parker Davidson emerges from the inside of the arena. He is followed by HOTv Champion GREAT SCOTT and Garry ‘Ray-Ray’ Nelson. Madison is the last one to emerge as she makes her way over towards where the STRONKUMMS are being cooked and served. Davidson makes his way over to the podium and waves to the large crowd of Floridians. Garry ‘Ray-Ray’ Nelson stands to Jace’s left as GREAT SCOTT pats the HOTv Championship belt on his shoulder to Jace’s right.


Jace holds his hands up into the air and tries to quiet down the crowd. After a few moments the fans settle down and Jace speaks into the microphone on the podium.

Davidson: Thank you all for joining me and more importantly us here this afternoon. The chaos event later tonight is completely sold out and those STRONKUMMS are good, amirite?

The crowd cheers wildly as Jace nods his head a bit.

Davidson: As good as those STRONKUMMS are… I know what you people are really here for and that’s to hear me comment on a place called Online Championship Wrestling.

The crowd boos loudly at the mention of the former PWA affiliated company.

Davidson: As you all know the story that hit the air earlier this week and it’s been talked about all over social media but here is the real story.

The crowd gets extremely quiet as Jace begins to go over the sorted mess.

Davidson: Everyone has already heard about the guy who decided to use a word that shouldn’t be used and that has been banned in HOW and pretty much all over the various PWA promotions. Garry being the great man that he is, decided to confront this man privately and told him that what he said was not okay. In true immature fashion this man decided to react by telling Ray-Ray that he was not his father and made a mockery of what was a bad situation to begin with.

Garry Nelson shakes his head back and forth over what happened.

Davidson: So, left without any other choice in the matter. Garry took their conversation to the public hoping that the members of the locker room would be able to talk sense into this man. But that didn’t happen because frankly a majority of the OCW roster are brainless nobodies. But you would think that the owner of the company would have stepped up and nipped it in the bud and settled the issue. And I don’t mean Thaddeus Duke, I mean the REAL man in charge of OCW Marcus Welsh. Thaddeus Duke is just a scapegoat there to take the fall for all the horrible decisions that Marcus Welsh decides to make.

There is an audible gasp from the crowd over the reveal that Thaddeus Duke is not the real owner of OCW.

Davidson: Naturally without anyone there to take control of the situation the small fire turned into a raging inferno. I sat back and watched as people like The Lost Stranger continued to try and put my name into the conversation. Garry was personally attacked by members of OCW roster until finally GREAT SCOTT decided to enter the conversation. Of course, the man that said the word in question went from dumb to moronic like someone flipped a light switch. That man’s friends decided to enter the argument and threw around the word more times than Samuel L. Jackson throws around the word motherfucker. And still Marcus Welsh was nowhere to be found.

GREAT SCOTT begins to shout something towards the crowd that can’t be picked up by the microphone.

Davidson: I contacted Marcus Welsh personally. I pleaded with him to step in and take control of the situation. I gave him every suggestion that I could think of to solve the problem, but he just did nothing. Of course, OCW roster being what it is decided to attack GREAT SCOTT because Lord knows if you’re in any given way associated with HOW then your public enemy #1 to them. We’re all human beings and when we’re personally attacked for doing what is right then our natural instinct is to lash out. That is exactly what GREAT SCOTT did and he said some things that were out of line towards Crash Rodriguez and The Lost Stranger. Not that they weren’t deserved but were still out of the line.

Jace lowers his head for a moment but continues speaking.

Davidson: During this whole situation I was in conversation with the powers that be with PWA. Their stance was clear. Fire the two men that were throwing around the not okay word like they were 2 for 1 coupons and everything would be fine. However, if not then there was talk of removing OCW from the PWA Alliance. I went to Welsh, and I delivered the message. I told him the situation and again asked him to take control of the situation. Once again it fell onto deaf ears. It didn’t matter that I was the first man to cross over to OCW or that I was one of the main reasons why OCW was even added to PWA. It didn’t matter that I was wrestling in two companies and doing more behind the scenes for OCW than almost anyone. All while the “Proud and Strong” wanted to dick around on discord and other social media platforms doing the same lame ass jokes and bits that only they found funny on a 24/7 basis.

The crowd begins an OCW SUCKS chant as Jace once again urges them to quiet down.

Davidson: It wasn’t until people like TLS. People like Crash Rodriguez and others complained to Marcus Welsh that he decided to grow a spine and take action. What action did he take? He decided to fire GREAT SCOTT for the things he said. He decided to fire Ray-Ray just because he thought the word was not okay to use. And ultimately, he chose two men who weren’t even regular members of the OCW roster or had wrestled more than one match over the entire PWA alliance.

The crowd murmurs with confusion over the decision that was made.

Davidson: Why have all of the federations in PWA when you can satisfy the thin-skinned drama queens that line the OCW roster? Why have a platform that would bring tons of new eyes to your product when you can have two guys that advocate for the use of a word no one should really use in 2022? Why have a man with the potential of Ray-Ray? Why have a man like GREAT SCOTT who had just won the HOTv Championship belt representing your company when you continue to cater to the same insecure talent that are against anything fun or anything that challenges their soft cushy spot in main event status within the company? Everyone that I had going for me in OCW has gone in an instant and all because Marcus Welsh chose fragile feelings and slurs over actual talent and dedication.

GREAT SCOTT and Garry Nelson begin arguing and swearing about Marcus Welsh.

Davidson: But that isn’t why I left…

The crowd goes from booing Welsh to completely silent as Jace continues.

Davidson: I left because Marcus Welsh is a two-faced human being. I spent hours upon hours talking to this man about different talents amongst that company. People who cause constant headaches for him on an almost daily basis. I listened to him talk about how horrible these people were. How he hoped that would just implode on themselves and leave the OCW roster so that he wouldn’t have to lift a finger. So he wouldn’t have to fire them and listen to the complaints of the rest of the roster. So that he could always look like the good guy in the end. No matter what I did. No matter how I stuck my neck out of OCW the ones that were the loudest about being Proud and Strong would always shit on anything I did.

Jace clenched his fist and slammed it down on the podium.

Davidson: If I tried to get heat with people on the roster, they complained that I was shitting on their roster. If I had a segment, they would complain it was too long or skip over it on OCW radio. They would petition for segments to be shorter on shows instead of just coming out and saying we don’t want to see Jace have spots on our shows that could have been for one of us. If I went around and offered constructive criticism over certain people’s performances on the show, they would get defensive and complain like I didn’t know what I was talking about. If I won a match, they would whine that I somehow stole a victory from someone more deserving. If I so much as breathed in OCW territory, then someone on the roster would surely have a problem with it. My friends were fired. The slur users were praised and patted on the back. The members of the OCW roster took to Twitter with parody accounts of HOW talent and made a mockery of them like they were celebrating a Super Bowl victory.

Jace pauses for a moment before speaking again.

Davidson: Now anyone tell me… why would I stay? What incentive did I have to continue to bust my ass. To help backstage, to compete in the ring, and to continue to try and recruit for their roster with all of this going on?

The questions linger in the air, but no one has a legitimate answer.

Davidson: They were big, they were bad, they got what they wanted, and they wanted to boast about it. That is until I posted screenshots of conversations I had with Marcus Welsh. Then in an instant it turned from boasting to please leave us alone. It turned from parody accounts to it’s pretty shameful to post private conversations. It went from we’re the biggest, badest dogs in the yard to folding like cheap suits. Is everyone on the roster guilty? No. Is everyone on the roster a horrible person? No. But the thing is that in their silence. In their waving of the OCW flag they are condoning those slurs. They are condoning the firing of these two men beside me and the leaving of PWA over something completely stupid. They are condoning Marcus Welsh as a spineless two-faced man that would throw a majority of the roster under the bus in a heartbeat if it meant signing better talent to the OCW roster.

The crowd boos louder than ever before.

Davidson: As far as I’m concerned. As far as PWA is concerned it’s addition by subtraction. It’s not like anyone outside of Bob Grenier even bothered to inter-federation activities because a majority of them know that no other company would put up with their bullshit. So, if you’re a wrestling fan and you want to see constant whining. If you want to see stories about a magical fucking porta potty? If you want to see people cut promos about getting blowjobs from characters on the Scooby Doo cartoon show and get handed their top Championship? Then by all means OCW is the place for you. But if you want to see professional wrestling. If you want to see men and women go at it like their lives on the line night in and night out. If you want to see rivalries and not a bunch of grown men and women jerk each other off about how great that they all are. If you want to see the most talent roster of superstars on this planet, then you’re in the right fucking place. OCW can be Proud and Strong all they fucking want. But they will NEVER compare to HOW because we are Proud and STRONKER!!!!

The crowd cheers wildly and chants HOW over and over again.

Davidson: Now that I’m done airing the dirty laundry let’s talk about some real wrestling, huh? Let’s talk about Chaos tonight! Let’s talk about Rumble at the Rock! Let’s talk about the PPV quality main event tonight where Tyler Adrian Best will step into the ring and defend the HOW ICON Championship belt vs. Yours truly and the HOW LSD Championship belt!

Jace pumps his fists as the crowd continues cheering wildly.

Davidson: Win or lose this match tonight I want to say thank you to each and every single one of you here today. No matter what I’ve done in my career. No matter what horrible actions I’ve decided to make over the years. You people have always had my back. When I left HOW for 4CW. When I went through a divorce. When I fell over the top of that cage and injured my neck. When I thought my career was over, it was the people of Miami that supported me and told me to keep my head up. You told me to never give up. You told me to keep fighting and after five long, hard years I finally was able to make it back here. And it’s like nothing has changed because you people are just as loud, just as invested, just as crazy for me as you’ve ever been. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for that but tonight? I promise to leave every ounce of my being in the middle of that ring for you. I promise to wrestle. I promise to fight like I’ve never fought before. I do this for you because I wouldn’t be here today without you. I love you Miami!

The crowd goes absolutely nuts as Jace steps away from the podium and waves to his hometown fans as the cameras cut.