What you didn’t see at OCW Truth or Consequences
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What you didn’t see at OCW Truth or Consequences

We cut to the OCW Studio in Key West, FL where Cheasy M sits behind a desk

Cheasy M:  Hello there OCW fans!  Your ole pal Cheasy here hoping you all like mushrooms because I’m a fun guy!

Ouch.  That one was rough, Cheasy.

Cheasy M: Right.  Anyway, last night was a historic night for OCW as it put out a show many are calling one of the best in company history.  So much went down that it was tough to chronicle every single detail.  Well, I’m told a major piece of footage was found after the show went off the air.

The camera cuts. Cheesy adjusts.

Cheasy M:  You remember how minority owner Marcus Welsh told JPD his security team would be ready to go should JPD need them only to lock them up, preventing them from saving JPD and helping him retain his Savage Championship?  Well, JPD does.

The camera cuts.  Cheesy adjusts.

Cheasy M: After JPD’s defeat, he kneeled in the aisle and demanded The Knife Man bring EPU to him.  The Knife Man complied and EPU soon hit the ringside area, demolishing any and everyone within sight.  Once they were finished, JPD rose and gave them the following orders, ‘Let’s find Welsh.’

Cheasy makes a face as if to say, “yikes.”Cheasy M:  And off they went. So, did they find Welsh? If so, how bad was the beating?  Well, let’s take a look at some footage that will help clear all that up!


We cut to footage from Sunday night late into the evening, during the Main Event. JPD and the EPU members storm around the hangar in search of Marcus Welsh. However, the minority owner is nowhere to be seen.

Davidson: Spread out and find that bastard, bring him to me immediately!

The EPU members spread out and begin looking for Welsh as JPD stands there still in pain and bleeding from wrestling two matches in one night. One of the EPU members opens a small closet door and finds Marcus Welsh crouched down hiding from JPD and HOW’s Elite Protection Unit.

Marcus Welsh:  Uhh…

Welsh looks around and up at the red faced, dangerous looking member of EPU.

Marcus Welsh:  Oh, wait, are you looking for that Welsh guy?  I think he went…that way…

The EPU member doesn’t budge.

Marcus Welsh:  In fact, …there he is, right there!  LOOK!

Welsh points and then tries to run away.  But he gets snatched by the member of EPU.

EPU member: Got him right here!

Davidson: Oh… you think you’re funny huh Welsh? Nice little prank you pulled locking my EPU members away and costing me the OCW Savage Championship belt!

JPD approaches Welsh who squirms trying to free himself from the grip of the EPU member.

Davidson: You really thought that was a good idea? What was it? You feel too much pressure from the rest of the OCW roster to get the title off of me? You allowed some guy called fucking “selfie” to not only send The Dirtbag Kid into the ring with me but for me to get attacked by countless members of the roster?! You just signed your death certificate Welsh, any last words?

Welsh lowers his head and mutters.  JPD leans in, asking him to speak up.  Welsh slowly looks up at JPD.

Marcus Welsh: I’m…sorry…

He throws his leg back, kicking the EPU member in the groin.  He breaks free and sprints away.  He dives into a door, knocking it open…a car is waiting for him outside. The EPU member drops to his knees in pain while holding his groin. JPD looks down at the EPU member and begins shouting.

What the hell do we pay you guys for?! Get on your feet and get him! All of you!

The EPU member gets to his feet and waddles after Welsh followed by the other members of the EPU. We see Welsh running for his life towards the car. It’s being driven by his bestest pal, Greg.  Welsh jumps inside and the car pulls away. JPD unable to run makes it out in time to see the car speeding away and the EPU members standing around with their thumbs up their asses.~

Davidson: Goddammit! You guys are useless! I lost my Savage Championship and you let Welsh get away!… you know what? FUCK THIS PLACE! FUCK OCW!!!

Davidson shouts at the top of his lungs into the night sky before he directs the EPU members to go and get the private jet ready for take off.


We cut back to Cheasy.  He shakes his head and exhales.

Cheasy M:  That’s not good.  Like him or not JPD is a prized possession on the OCW roster.  He brings eyes to the product and fans to the arena.  His match against PIC was, arguably, the greatest match of the year last night.

The camera cuts.  Cheesy adjusts.

Cheasy M:  OCW majority owner Thaddeus Duke is set to return to Massacre on Monday.  I’m sure he’ll address this along with a myriad of other issues that went down on Sunday at Truth or Consequences.  It’ll be an episode you won’t wanna miss.

Cheasy stacks some papers as we slowly fade out.