This Girl is On Fire
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This Girl is On Fire received word that there was a fire in the Chicago Loft of Bobbinette Carey. No one was home at the time but extensive damage was done to the property. The Chicago Fire department is ruling this as a case of Arson and are asking for any leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible.

The following was picked up by various security cameras placed around the building at the time of the criminal act.


Two masked men can be seen making their way through the hallway of the top floor of the chicago area building in search of the loft belonging to HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey.

Masked Man #1: I think this one is it.

Masked Man #2: Good, let’s make this quick. I really have to go!

The second Masked Man dances around in place as the first Masked Man shakes his head.

Masked Man #1: You choose now of all times to need a potty break?

Masked Man #2: You act like I have a choice in the matter! Just make with the picky locky thing already!

The first Masked Man slaps the second Masked Man upside the head.

Masked Man #1: Keep it down, fool. You’re going to get us caught.

The second Masked Man nods his head and continues to dance around in place. The first Masked Man kneels down and pulls out a leather pouch which contains the tools needed to pick a lock. He goes to work as the second Masked Man becomes impatient.

Masked Man #2: Come on, come on, come on…

Masked Man #1: I swear to God if you piss on me–

Masked Man: #2: I don’t pee out of my butt… usually.

The first Masked Man stops what he’s doing for a moment and looks up at the second Masked Man like he’s lost his damn mind. He returns to his work and after a few moments he manages to get the door unlocked.

Masked Man #1: Voilà

Masked Man #2: Make way… move!

The second Masked Man rushes past the first Masked Man into the loft. He races around until he finally finds the bathroom and then slams the door shut behind him. The first Masked Man sighs then makes his way inside of the loft and looks around inside. If there was any doubt that this was the loft of Bobbinette Carey? One look inside would dispel that instantly.

Masked Man #1: Jesus…

The first Masked Man looks around the kitchen that has industrial style with stainless steel appliances and white backgrounds. There isn’t a kitchen table but a long metal countertop that serves as a bar with bar stools. There’s a white couch simplistic leather exchangeable into futon, or lounger. White picture frames of Carey with wrestlers and friends of her past.

Masked Man #1: Got to start somewhere.

The first Masked Mask begins to gather all of the pictures of Carey and her friends and family from the various spots around the Loft and walls. Once gathered together he begins to smash and break all of the frames from the smaller pictures before tearing the photographs into pieces. The door to the bathroom opens and the second Masked Man emerges with a curious look on his face.

Masked Man #2: What happened to the whole quiet thing?

Masked Man #1: I’m breaking things, not shouting.

Masked Man #2: I thought we were going to do this together.

Masked Man #1: It’s not my fault that you had to stop by Taco Bell before we got here.

Masked Man #2: When the Mexican pizza is back you do not miss an opportunity to have Taco Bell.

Masked Man #1: And like I told you before, I don’t want to know. Wait… why didn’t I hear the toilet flush?

Masked Man #2: Didn’t have to flush.

The second Masked Man slides his hands into his pockets and grins widely. The first Masked Man narrows his eyes towards his partner in crime.

Masked Man #2: I made it an upper decker.

There is a long moment of silence between the two men but eventually the first Masked Man nods his head in a sign of respect with slight disgust.

Masked Man #1: Help me destroy some of this shit. Also, never touch me with those hands ever again.

The second Masked Man raises his hand and salutes the first Masked Man as the two men go to work on the Loft. The first Masked Man pulls out a pocket knife and begins to rip and shred the larger pictures and paintings that filled the Loft. The second Masked Man grabs a hold of vases, figurines, and anything else that isn’t nailed down and smashes them to pieces on the floor. Clothing is taken from closets and drawers and torn to pieces. Well, everything except the bra that the second Masked Man uses as a hat.

Masked Man #1: The fuck are you doing?

Masked Man #2: Look at the size of this thing. You could fit a watermelon into one of these cups. Which I guess is fitting because she’s a bl–

Masked Man #1: Just…. don’t.

The first Masked Man shakes his head as the second Masked Man just shrugs. With the bra still placed on his head the second Masked Man heads for the kitchen and starts to destroy the bar stools along with the appliances. The first Masked Man begins going through the bedrooms while pocketing any semi valuable jewelry that he can find. Purses and other random accessories are pulled out and sorted into a pile in the room in front of the couch. He looks down at the couch before turning towards his partner in crime.

Masked Man #1: Come help me with this thing,

The first Masked Man points down at the couch as the second Masked Man makes his way over to his partner. The two men get on either such of the couch and begin to lift it and turn it over. The first Masked man begins ripping at the white leather of the couch while the second Masked Man just starts kicking the cushions of the couch. The second Masked Man gets bored and heads back to the kitchen to help himself to the food in Carey’s refrigerator.

Masked Man #2: This bitch must really love cheese.

The first Masked Man makes his way throughout the Loft collecting anything that he can that might also be of value other than jewelry then emerges from the back room with a pillowcase full of loot such as replica Championship belts that Carey had kept from her career. He sits the pillowcase down then admires their work in the loft before reaching into his own pocket.

Masked Man #1: Just one thing left to do.

The first Masked Man pulls out a lighter then runs his thumb across it until the flame arises. He walks over to the long white fancy curtains inside of the Loft and places the flame to the material. They instantly begin to burn as he goes around and begins to light everything else on fire. This causes the second Masked Man to peek his head out of the refrigerator with a mouth filled with cheese.

Masked Man #2: What is happening?

Masked Man #1: They paid us to send a message. So, I’m sending a message.

The entire Loft begins to go up in flames and smoke rises from Carey’s precious home belongings being burnt by the fire. The fire alarm inside of the building begins to blast loudly which causes the second Masked Man to panic.

Masked Man #2: Holy shit it’s fuzz! We gotta get out of here!

The second Masked Man gathers as much food from Carey’s refrigerator as his two can carry then high tails it across the Loft while his pants begin to fall down. Instead of using the door to escape the burning Loft he makes a beeline for the large window with the burning white curtains. Without hesitation he dives straight into the glass of the window causing it to shatter as he plummets from the top floor of the building down onto the hood of a parked car. The first Masked Man moves to the now broken window and yells down towards the street below.

Masked Man #1: That was just the fire alarm you idiot! They didn’t pay me enough to deal with this shit.

The first Masked Man turns away from the window then grabs a hold of his pillowcase full of stolen treasures and briskly exits the Loft without nearly killing himself in the process.


When asked for a quote Bobbinette responded by saying. “The memories and photos that went up in that fire can never be replaced. Thank god no one was hurt.” When asked if she thought it had anything to do with the murder attempt on her life she said. “We will get whoever is responsible for both of these. I have… faith in the departments handling these investigations.”

The two individuals responsible are still at large but we will bring you more information as this story develops.