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Staff Updates

Good afternoon……

We are mere hours away from the Dead or Alive PPV and it is no doubt one of the more anticipated shows as not only will the in ring action see multiple Championships decided, we also know that the landscape is changing behind the scenes for High Octane Wrestling as well.

With that in mind Lee has locked in a few folks to help behind the scenes. Worse case they get an elevated role in case of him losing tonight against Kostoff, and best case these folks will help as Lee continues the good fight on a personal level.

So here are the staffing updates:

  • Dan Ryan has been given more responsibilities other than his Control C&V duties at and will be brought on board officially as an agent/producer for HOW. He will be part of backroom staff that helps put out weekly content on HOTv and obviously PWA. Congrats as Dan continues to grind to increase his credit score within the community.
  • Scott Stevens will be instrumental in the new High Octane Stats software on the site and is already hard at work helping populate stats for each wrestler behind the scenes. Stevens will officially regain his Chief Information Officer title and will be in charge of the Stats moving forward.
  • Scottywood has been officially relieved of his HOTv duties and a replacement will be found over the next several weeks as that site looks to be updated and revamped

In other news Lee is looking for a full time graphics artist as the Son has long since moved on from full time duties behind the scenes and will move his focus to more high level work in case the Father is no longer with us after tonight…aka The CEO is done as our full time graphics guy.

MOAR news as it comes…