Dead or Alive Match Order
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Dead or Alive Match Order can confirm the official match order for Dead or Alive. As already announced, The MVW World Championship match where we will see Adam Ellis from MVW defending against Darion Zion, will kick off the show while the HOW World Championship match will close out the show.

Here is the full official match order:

MVW World Championship Match
Darin Zion vs. Adam Ellis©

Baptized in Blood Match
Scott Stevens vs. Scottywood

HOTv Championship Match
Bob Grenier (OCW) vs.  Clay Byrd©

Tag Team Championship Match
Jace and STRONK vs. Fuse and Carey vs. Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood vs. Harrison and Bergman©

ICON Championship Match
Simon Sparrow vs. Tyler Best©

Last Man Standing Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Lee Best

World Championship Match
Steve Solex vs. Christopher America©