REAL LOVE Responds From Chaos 004’s Announcement
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REAL LOVE Responds From Chaos 004’s Announcement received the following statement from Darin Zion earlier this morning.  In it, he addresses his feelings on Ray McAvay approving his MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship match along with other feelings:



“There’s too much Z’s from REAL LOVE DARIN ZION.  He’s an annoying prick who shouldn’t take any days off.  Put in some God damn work hyping the biggest MVW Showcase in history.  GOD DAMN”

–Some Fat Idiot Marks In There Mother’s Basement, 2022

From the bottom of REAL LOVE’S HEART at the Headquarters of the Love Convoy’s vacation estate…FUCK ALL THEM CRITICS!  REAL LOVE Powered by 4Z has wrestled his ass off the past 17 years of his life across multiple promotions outside of injuries.  I’ve shortened my illustrious career putting my body on the line for the benefit of YOU UNGRATEFUL fans.  I’ve put up with too much of your criticism and critiques too damn long too give a shit about what you opinions of my shift in attitude.  For once, I gave myself some well deserved, satisfying LOVE.  And it felt fuckin’ great!  For once, I put my needs and myself first.  And I will continue to do this as the best locker room leader HOW has to offer.

I don’t have to attend every show for people to talk about me.  I’m not some thirsty porn star wannabe, begging like Keith Sweat for attention.  REAL LOVE understands sometimes publicity comes from your GODDAMNED silence.  I let all you fat, unhealthy slobs and marks do all the work for once.  And it paid it’s dividends.  The 4Z Network has you morons eating cake out of his goddamn hands.  Hell, you all poured on the whipped cream this week in my absence.  It just fuckin’ shows why I deserve this MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship opportunity.

Let’s face it, I’m the only person in HOW not afraid of stepping over boundaries to the MVW culture.  I successfully crossed over before any of you hacks thought it was cool when PWA signed them to a deal.  I spent 4 months raking MVW in big money so they could be gifted the consideration for that gig.  I proved MVW’s one of the toughest promotions to wrestle in along side of HOW and PRIME.  I’m a multi-federation megastar, able to conquer the greatest of tasks.  It’s why I’ve held 25 different championships over my entire career.  TWO of which came from MVW.  ONE I SHOULD STILL HOLD TO THIS DAY.

I’m finally glad Ray McAvay RECOGNIZES that fact.  When I ‘lost’ the MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship a few months back—I never had my shoulders pinned to the mat.  No one submitted me.  MVW Management stole it from me on a technicality.  I never lost MY MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship belt.  And now they bastardized the legacy I built for their championship when I crossed the line.

See contrary to what you pathetic, heathens say I built ran roughshod over the MVW territory with an iron fist.  I didn’t have to show up every week.  I cut promos from my glamorous hotels and vacations that my direct boss paid for me.  I brought eyeballs to their product, and I earned them BIG MONEY.  I raked it in hand over fist.  The gates got bigger; the people got more rabid.  I GREW THEIR PORTFOLIO.

Everyone tried to replicate my glorious run; Brian Hollywood, Scott Stevens, you name them; they probably put some time in down there, FAILING where I succeeded.  Of course, Sektor build up a protégé and everyone knows what I did to Sektor.


Now some snot nosed, man-child trying to protect his mentor’s legacy and his training staff’s reputation wants to spit in my face and make a name off himself.  He wants to step in my face and tell me I stepped out of line when NO ONE SHOWED REAL LOVE some respect?!

GTFOH with that garbage thinking.  Love doesn’t gaslight someone’s truth.  And my truth is I never lost my belt.  And MVW management thinks it’s okay to let the protégé of the man I retired run around parading as their fake champion.   That shit isn’t gonna fly with me.

See I have big plans….HUGE ONES!  With PWA TV now taking off; I plan on setting the bar high with the MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship.  I wanna build off the prestige I built.  I’m gonna take that belt to never levels and give her the LOVE she deserves.  With the Power of 4Z Network’s investments; I’ll take on all comers for this belt—MVW, HOW, PRIME, OCW, etc.  You name the promotion; I’ll knock down those idiots.  I did it once with the HOW ICON Championship against TIO.  I’ll do it again and become the first HOW talent to steal another promotions championship.

That’s what I bring to the table…even when taking some vacation time.  I bring the fuckin’ heat.  I bring the competition rate up.  I bring the value and promotion of MY name to the belt.  And you don’t even have to fuckin’ see me for it to happen.

So fuck off!  I’m gonna enjoy my time in a better city like San Diego.  I’m gonna bask in all this amazing sunlight.  I’ll enjoy all the fresh, healthier food and better myself until Dead or Alive.  Because after that show, I’m gonna give every damn promotion a dose of REAL, TOUGH LOVE.  I’m gonna crack skulls, break necks, and cash checks like you’ve never seen outta me.

Because Darin Zion’s not holding back.  Darin Zion will regain the most coveted prize in all of professional wrestling and wear it with GOD DAMN PRIDE.  And you’ll all see what true love looks like in the face of dominance.