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Hardcore Response

Hours before Chaos goes on the air today, we at HOWrestling.com received the following response… to the response… Scott Stevens gave, responding to Scottywood’s response of Scott Stevens attempts to get a response from Scottywood.


Scottywood: And just like that, Scott Stevens shows us why he has been… and always will be… Scott Stevens.  I mean sure, I’m shocked you haven’t legally changed your name to Scott Best yet, in a further attempt to crawl up Lee Best’s asshole, but you can’t help but just being… Scott Stevens.

Scotty is sitting at a local craft brewery in Dallas, with Frankie filming on his iPhone as Scotty takes a drink from his glass of some foggy NE-Style IPA.

Scottywood: You know how many Bobbinette Carey has my balls jokes I’ve heard over the past nine or so months Stevens?  I know some people like to recycle shit here… but I was hoping for something fresh from you.  Instead you just played the… I don’t wanna say hits, cause they were never good insults… just the same old bullshit.

Scotty just shakes his head…

Scottywood: Which while were talking about Carey… you got a little crush going on over there or something Stevens, cause there was an unhealthy amount of talk about her private parts.  I almost thought you were on the Supreme Court for a second.  Plus you threw in an even more dated Triple M reference… for fuck sakes, you got some even older Kirsta Lewis jokes that no one finds funny to break out too?  I know you can’t say half your vocabulary anymore here in HOW, but come up with something new dude.

Scottywood: You want everyone to believe that this is a new Scott Stevens that has come back to save HOW.  And while the racism might be gone, the sexism is surely alive.  “You’re not a man… you’re a pussy.” Ok, sure thing eleventh grade Scott Stevens from 1998.  You can claim I’ve been hanging around Carey too long… but I’d like to say that I actually grew up and learned to be more creative with my words.

Frankie: Says the man that used the f-word sixty-seven times in one promo.

Scottywood: Hey! It’s my fucking punctuation!  Plus whose side are you on here?

Frankie: Yours… I don’t want you to put me up as a prize in this fight against Stevens.

Scottywood: Yeah… You got fucking duped to put your own son up in a match against Mike Best.  A, how fucking dumb are you?  B, I’m pretty sure that is a federal crime.  Pretty sure Scott Stevens is a child trafficker and no one in HOW batted a fucking eye at that shit.  But whatever, not gonna let it ruin my immersion or something like that, just want everyone to know what kind of family man Scott Stevens really is.

Scotty laughs and shakes his head as he takes another drink from his beer.

Scottywood: You wanna talk about stakes being anted up?  How about winner gets a go with your wife?  Probably the only way she’ll let you fuck her these days after you LOST YOUR FUCKING SON IN A WRESTLING MATCH.  Plus I heard women get real turned on when you talking about other women’s period blood.  Surprised you didn’t go for the easy shark week joke there too.  You wanna wrap your fucking hands in tape, glue and broken glass… fucking go for it Stevens.  Use whatever the fuck you think you need to try and beat me.  Because all the weapons you can dream of, do all the praying to your false fucking GOD you want to… there is nothing that is going to save you from someone who was learning what 97Red was before you even could even dream of working for HOW.  See you at Chaos Stevens… where we’ll make this all official.


It seems Scottywood will be at Chaos tonight… what will he have in store for Scott Stevens on the last show before their big match at Dead or Alive?