Bergman and Stevens Clash at MVW Show Last Night
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Bergman and Stevens Clash at MVW Show Last Night

Scott Stevens and Joe Bergman had a brief confrontation last night at a Missouri Valley Wrestling house show in Coffeyville, Kansas in advance of their match tonight at Chaos 5.

Stevens, who’d just been reinstated to MVW by owner Ray McAvay, defeated Bo Bevans- Down at the Barn in his first singles match back when Bergman showed up and came to the ring.

Pissed at Stevens showing up unannounced and unwelcome at his barn this week, Bergman climbed into the ring joined by the rookie wrestlers who were at Bergman’s Barn that day.

But before anything could happen, MVW Owner Ray McAvay came out and put a quick stop to it.  Jumping into the ring and getting in between Bergman and Stevens, McAvay laid down the law to Stevens.

(Video from last night’s MVW Coffeyville, Kansas House Show)
McAvay stands in between Bergman and Stevens.

Ray McAvay: Let me make this crystal clear to you Scott Stevens.  This ain’t the Church of 97Red.  This is my church.  That’s right, this is MY church and what I say here is final. 

McAvay says, making sure Stevens understands.

Ray McAvay: You’re damn lucky I didn’t fire your ass outright after you no-showed a #1 contender’s matchI fired Darin Zion for blowing off a title match when he was MVW champion and I should have done the same for you.  But I didn’t.  I gave you a chance to get your shit together when I really should have canned you on the spot for not showing for your match. I should can you for that stupid little stunt you pulled at Joe’s barn.  But I’m not.

McAvay informs Stevens, not in the mood for this tonight.

Ray McAvay: So here’s the deal, Scott.  When I suspended you, I let Adam Ellis jump into your spot because he deserved it and he earned it.  When I lifted your suspension, I thought doing the same thing…  putting you right back where you were before.

Stevens seems pleased with that.

Ray McAvay: But.  After what you pulled at Joe’s barn the other day?  No, you’re not going to jump the line.  You’re not going to get special dispensation from me. 

McAvay makes clear to Stevens.

Ray McAvay: Yeah, I’m still going to let you come back…  but I’m not going to treat you the same way I treated Ellis.  You’re starting at ground zero, Scott.  You’re going to have to earn your spot.  That’s right.  You’re going to have to work your way up from the bottom just like everyone else has to. And if you don’t like it? 

McAvay points to the exit.

Ray McAvay: There’s the door.  

Afterwards, both Bergman and Stevens left the ring without any further issue and the two will meet in the opening match of tonight’s Chaos 5.