Two HOW Roster Members Fined
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Two HOW Roster Members Fined

News straight from the office this morning, as HOW management gets caught up after returning stateside from War Games live from Kyiv.

It has been reported that two members of the HOW roster, Darin Zion and Simon Sparrow, will be fined by High Octane Wrestling after vandalizing the Best Arena with urine filled water balloons prior to the War Games event. While the exact amount of the fines is not being released publicly, rumor has it that the fines total into six figures, and amount to both punitive damages and costs for emergency cleaning. CEO Michael Lee Best released the following statement:

“It was stupid.” Michael told “It was also a crime. Those two morons are lucky that they didn’t hit anyone, or they’d be facing Aggravated Battery charges and facing up to a year in prison, too. Every member of this roster is on a contract, and those contracts have terms– I have the authority to withhold those funds directly, and I can assure you that not only will Simon and Darin not be receiving their payouts for working War Games, but they’ll be working for free until the fines have been fully paid.”

When asked why these fines were not announced sooner, Best said that the explanation was simple:

“I didn’t know it happened.” Michael shrugged. “Who the fuck watches promos from Darin Zion or Simon Sparrow in 2022?”