Steve Solex Post War Games Update
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Steve Solex Post War Games Update

There’s been reports that Steve Solex is en route back to his home in Huntington Beach, California. After a couple of weeks in Ukraine, on mission and in War Games, Solex is said to be in good spirits and health. Blaire Moise caught up with Solex after the match, and told us that Solex said:

“Just a couple bruises and scrapes. That barbed wire was a bitch, but nothing an Alpha male like myself can’t handle. The only regret I have, is that Valor didn’t rip out Christopher America’s commie heart.”

Speaking of Valor, he is also in good health and wasn’t shot last night, much to the displeasure of Lee Best, we’re sure.

Solex is expected to be at the next show, booked or not.