Scott Stevens Makes Surprise Appearance Tonight.
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Scott Stevens Makes Surprise Appearance Tonight.

Twenty-four hours after being named by Lee Best to The Board’s War Games team, Scott Stevens made a surprise appearance on MVW’s Six-O-Five show in St. Louis earlier tonight.

At the end of the show’s main event, a scraggly, scruffy man with long hair, long beard, and ring gear suddenly appeared in the ring during the match between The Dickinson Brothers-Buffet Club .

It soon became apparent that the man was indeed… Scott Stevens.

Stevens did not engage with any of the wrestlers in the ring.  In fact, he hightailed it out of the ring just as fast as he appeared when the EPU suddenly showed up and came charging after him.  Stevens hopped over the top rope and jumped into the crowd with the EPU hot on his heels.

It is unknown whether or not the EPU caught up with him.

Stay tuned.