Tyler Best talks Refueled 97, departure from FIGHT, War Games, and more…
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Tyler Best talks Refueled 97, departure from FIGHT, War Games, and more…

Refueled 97 is officially in the books, and it has absolutely lived up to the hype. The return of Lee Best, a shake-up for the War Games match, and a (shocking?) revelation ended HOW’s ninety seventh show with perhaps just as many questions as answers, but we’ve got a few of those answers tonight. I’m P$NNY L4NE, Head of Digital Media for High Octane Wrestling, and today I sat down with the man of the hour himself… Mr. Tyler Adrian Best.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, it should be noted that in addition to my duties as Head of Digital Media here in HOW, I serve as the Public Relations agent to Tyler Best. While I’m certain that the CEO of High Octane Wrestling scheduled this sit-down interview expecting me to take it easy on a friend and client, I assure you that I take my role as a journalist seriously, and I have done my best to present all information as objectively as possible.


Off The Streets

An Interview With The Grandson of God

P$NNY LANE: Let’s go back in time a little bit, because your name isn’t even Tyler, right? It’s… Adrian.

TYLER BEST: As soon as the state of Illinois rubber stamps a piece of paper, my name is legally Tyler Adrian Best. I’m not really that interested in going back in time for your interview, Penn.

P$NNY LANE: You were born Adrian Tyler, but at the age of sixteen you legally changed your name to Tyler Streets, with a sign off from your mother. Were you trying to lock in a name you could use in the wrestling business, or was there more to it than that? Something you didn’t like about your name?

TYLER BEST: My name is Tyler. Next question.

P$NNY LANE: Alright then. Half the world seems shocked by the revelation that you are the biological son of Michael Lee Best, the CEO of High Octane Wrestling. The other half seems to have seen it coming from a mile away… how long have you known that your father was one of the most infamous professional wrestlers of all time?

TYLER BEST: Longer than you’ve known, but not as long as my father has known. That’s about as deep as I want to go.

P$NNY LANE: Tyler, this isn’t going to be much of an interview if you don’t want to answer any of my questions.

TYLER BEST: Found out a month ago. We took a test, it matched. He’s known a long time.

P$NNY LANE: So you came to High Octane Wrestling and joined the TEN-X program without any suspicion that your father was the CEO of the company? How did you get offered the job? Did someone reach out to you on his behalf, or did he call you himself?

TYLER BEST: Why don’t you ask me about War Games or something?

P$NNY LANE: I absolutely have some questions about War Games, and about Fight NYC. But I thought that before we dug into that–

TYLER BEST: Fight NYC was a fucking joke, dude. I was stoked to be there for like, nine seconds cause my boy Tyler Too got me booked, but what a clown show. You’d show up to a town and then the show wouldn’t happen for three days after it was scheduled. Production quality was hot dogshit. Half their agents didn’t know shit about wrestling and thought that was hilarious. It was a joke company for people who wanted to be movie stars and fuck each other in the DMs, and as soon as they found out I was one of “Mike Best’s boys”, they fucking jabroni’d me on live television. Signed with HOW five seconds after they let everyone of their deals, and thank God… literally.

P$NNY LANE: That is the moniker now, right? The Grandson of God?

TYLER BEST: Yeah so Lee Best is my grandpa. That’s pretty dope honestly.

P$NNY LANE: At Refueled 97, Lee Best shook up the entire War Games pay-per-view, undoing weeks worth of qualifiers and setting the line-ups to his liking in a shocking return to HOW. Did you know before that announcement that you’d be in the match? How much planning went into that announcement?

TYLER BEST: Alright, no cap I found out the same time everyone else did. Like, literally I met Lee Best when I got to the arena that night, and all I knew is that when he said the magic words, I was supposed to hit the ring and blast the video game boomer as hard as I fucking could. So he’s out there in the ring and I hear my cue, and fucking… BOOM… fucking knee to the head, right? Next thing I know, I’m main eventing the HOW pay-per-view.

P$NNY LANE: And do you think that’s… fair?

TYLER BEST: I mean it’s privilege and nepotism and a lot of people worked hard to get on that pay-per-view but like… Mike Best banged my mom, so I get to be on War Games. Honestly that’s pretty fucking cool to me, sucks to suck.

P$NNY LANE: You’re in for a hard road, Tyler. Michael Lee Best has been outspoken for years that being the son of Lee Best made him have to work twice has hard to be taken half as seriously. You’re a third generation Best… what does that mean to you?

TYLER BEST: I’ve been training to be a wrestler long enough that I had to lie about my age on the paperwork. I was trained by LT, and now I’ve got Dan and Cecilworth literally showing me the ropes. I’ve got the greatest wrestler in HOW history in my corner, teaching me shit he wished he had someone to teach him at my age. Imagine my dad coming into HOW when he was eighteen years old, with a clean slate, and with four of the greatest wrestlers in history teaching him his craft. Let them talk all the shit they want. I have all the tools I need to be better than my father was, and that’s no shade… that’s what he wants for me, and that’s what I’m going to achieve.

P$NNY LANE: Will we see you in a HOW ring prior to War Games?

TYLER BEST: As soon as I see my name on the card, ya boi is stepping into that ring. I’ve worked out in Missouri Valley and I fucked around in FIGHT, but I’m ready to step up to the big leagues. No shade at MVW, either, they treated me real good. Just… you know, no disrespect to Adam Ellis but I’m not Adam Ellis. I’m a third generation Best, and I’m ready to get out there and prove it.

P$NNY LANE: Thank you for your time, Tyler. Maybe the next time we do this, we can talk a little more about the past, and a little less about the present.

TYLER BEST: Alright, bet. You wanna grab some lunch?



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