Streets signs with HOW, major announcement expected at Refueled
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Streets signs with HOW, major announcement expected at Refueled

Breaking news out of the Chicago office this morning, as TEN-X student and CEO pet project Tyler Streets has officially signed a contract with High Octane Wrestling.

The news comes off the back of the announcement that FIGHT NYC, Tyler’s primary employer, would be going on an indefinite hiatus. We’re told that Tyler’s deal had made HOW negotiations difficult, as FIGHT had first booking rights for the young wrestler. A source close to the matter told staff that the deal was signed within minutes of FIGHT’s announcement, and was conducted in confidence between the CEO and his personal assistant.

The exact details of the deal are currently unknown, but we’re told that this is an exclusive, long term hire, permitting Tyler to work only for HOW or it’s immediate partners. He is expected to continue working as the personal assistant to Michael Lee Best, as well as working dates for Missouri Valley Wrestling.

“We’re both happy with the deal.” Best told staff. “That’s about all we’re prepared to release at this time. I firmly believe that Tyler is the future of HOW, and I did what I needed to do to ensure that he’s with us for a very long time.”

We’re now just a few days out from Refueled 97, a show which has already promised major news after the firing of Michael Oliver Best and several members of the active roster. The CEO further stacked the deck this morning, though:

”RF 97 is gonna be huge.” Michael said. “Why wouldn’t it be? 97th show, you gotta go big. But I have some personal things I need to get off my chest as well, and I have an announcement that is going to change the entire course of High Octane history at this week’s show. Don’t fucking miss it.”