Noble Comments on War Games News
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Noble Comments on War Games News

Blaire Moise here… on a Saturday morning… not sure why I have to work these hours, but whatever.

I got a hold of David Noble, who will be competing on Sunday against Bobinette Carey. As announced by Lee Best last night on High Octane Radio, the winner of David Noble and Bobinette Carey will be face Steve Harrison for the LSD Championship. The winner of THAT match will then be part of Conor Fuse’s team at War Games!

This morning, I got a hold of Noble and got some quotes from him about a variety of topics.

On His Match with Bobinette Carey:

I’m still not 100% positive who this person is, but whoever they are, I will make sure we forget about this person once again.

On A Potential Match with Steve Harrison:

Sometimes, you just want motherfuckers to hit you, and you want to be able to hit motherfuckers back. Sometimes, it’s just that easy and just that fun. I could careless about a title. I just want to fight.

On Potentially Being in War Games:

Not quite certain what all of this entails, but if it involves punching motherfuckers in the face, then I’m game.

On Potentially Being on Conor Fuse’s Team:

Fuck that. I’ll take him out and then move forward without him. We will all be better for it.

On Cecilworth Farthington: 

Who the fuck is that?

Well, we will see what happens tomorrow evening in Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center as we take one massive step forward towards War Games!