New War Games Information
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New War Games Information

Courtesy of the Emergency HOR tonight we learned quite a bit of information leading into War Games. Below is the video that was released live on the HOR by Lee Best…


We also learned that Darin Zion, who is tagging with the World Champion Conor Fuse on Sunday, has now been selected to replace the person that he lost to in the War Games Qualifier and is now officially a member of Team Locker Room Leader.

We also learned via the video that Steve Harrison will defend the LSD Championship at War Games in a 30 minute iron man match where there are no rules other than pinfalls and submissions and now we know what that was referenced in the video…..

Harrison will kick off the War Games match defending against either Bobbinette Carey or David Noble with the loser being eliminated from War Games and the winner moving forward with a shot to also win the World Championsip.

LOTS of news and more to come as we close in on War Games on June 12th.