Blaire Moise Interviews Joe Bergman
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Blaire Moise Interviews Joe Bergman

Blaire Moise caught up with Joe Bergman briefly last night to ask him about the loss to Christopher America at Refueled 96 and what his future plans are.  Here’s some of what he had to say.

Thoughts about the Christopher America match.
“Seeing as it was my first HOW match since ICONIC 2020 and my opponent was a definite step up in class from the folks I’d wrestled to get ready, I thought I actually wrestled real well.  After I got settled in, it was really just another match.”

Wait a minute, just another match???
“I mean, the greatest day of my life is every day I get to climb into a wrestling ring.  But yeah, once that wore off it was just another match.”

Thoughts about how the match ended.
*Laughs*  “Yeah, I called that one.  I said the board… the corporate machine… was going to move heaven and earth to make sure Christopher America advanced to War Games and that’s exactly what happened. Anyone with the IQ of a brick could see what was going to happen from a mile away. 

Are you upset about how it ended?
Am I upset?  No.  Mad?  Nah.  I’m just disappointed and frustrated because I had America beat.  But I was never supposed to win that match and the ‘board certified’ referee made sure I didn’t.  I was hoping that my worst-case scenario would be a double disqualification with both the Board and the Highwaymen/The Boys running in at the end. But it’s a story as old as time, the corporate machine always seems to prevail over the ordinary man.”

Will we see you at this week’s Refueled show?
“No.  Since this week’s Refueled is on a Saturday I will not be there.  I will be in St. Louis that night working at the MVW show.

Thoughts about War Games
“Good luck to Steve Solex and Clay Byrd and I hope they can somehow find a way to win.  Wish I could be there to help out but again, it is what it is.  I plan on cheering Solex and Byrd on from the best seat in the house- on the couch in my living room with a can of PBR in my hand.”

Plans for post War Games?
“My short-term deal ends at War Games and I have no plans at this time to re-sign.  I will say I’m glad I came back. I took my shot… took my best shot actually… and put everything I had into the match.  Did it work out the way that I hoped?  Nope.  It’s done and over and is what it is. I fought the good fight. I’m happy with how well I did.  It’s time for me to turn the page and move on.  It was fun hanging out with my friends in Section 214 one more time and-  never say never- but I think you’ve seen the last of Joe Bergman inside a HOW ring.”