Azula Wrestles at MVW Show Tonight
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Azula Wrestles at MVW Show Tonight

Blaire Moise reports that after a week of intense training at Joe Bergman’s Barn in preparation for War Games, Xander Azula and his followers showed up tonight at Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Rockford, Illinois house show.

Azula teamed up with Bergman to take on a tag team called The Georgia-Florida State Boundary in a special attraction match and the ad hoc tag team picked up a nice win over MVW’s Corporate Country favorites.   It was noted that Azula’s followers were on their best behavior tonight even though they did keep a close eye on the Georgia-Florida State Boundary’s valet Lillie Mae throughout the match.  However, Bergman, Azula, and Azula’s followers returned to the back after the match without incident.

Blaire caught up with Bergman after the show. When asked about his role in helping Xander Azula get ready for War Games, Bergman again told her: “Xander is really the one doing all the work here and putting the time in to be ready.  I’m just here to help Xander write his War Games story.”

She also confirmed that Bergman and Azula will also be appearing tomorrow night at MVW’s house show in Carbondale, Illinois.  They will be tagging together again versus a tag team yet to be determined.

Blaire could not confirm how long Azula would continue to train at Bergman’s Barn and when he would be headed to the Ukraine for War Games.