What Is TEN-X?
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What Is TEN-X?

Potentially interesting news this morning in the land of High Octane Wrestling, as paperwork has quietly been filed by the office of the CEO for a project currently only known as “TEN-X”. 

While details are still vague, the plans appear to include the leasing and renovating of a property in the Bronzeville area of Chicago. Rumors have already been flying about the potential for a new HOW developmental program, and given the name “TEN-X”, it’s a reasonable assumption to think that this project could serve as the newest iteration of the now defunct SixTime Academy. 

CEO Mike Best would not confirm details of the program at this stage, but provided the following statement to HOWrestling.com when asked about the potential for a new developmental system:

“I mean it’s a good idea.” Best said. “It’s not an easy transition, coming into HOW. A lot of big time Indy guys and gals have come into the company expecting to be an overnight success, but you gotta remember, I got my ass handed to me for a whole year before I really got the ball rolling in HOW.”

HOW has enjoyed a working relationship with Missouri Valley Wrestling this era, which has produced talents such as HOW Tag Team Champion Adam Ellis, along with bringing in long time vets like the Stevens Dynasty. Coming off the heels of SixTime Academy, TEN-X could potentially be a bridge for talents coming in from the independent scene. Again, the CEO was unable to clarify the details at this time:

“It’s like I said.” Michael added. “When I hired Tyler, it was in an effort to give a young worker a shot at learning the business the right way. If TEN-X was some kind of developmental program, it would be in that same vein. But that’s a big if. Definitely something worth following for more info.”

Pro-temp owner of HOW, Michael Oliver Best, was unavailable for comment. More information is expected as the week goes on.