War Games Pick CHANGED
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War Games Pick CHANGED

Good morning, folks. Hope you’re having a day. CEO Mike Best here checking in with a MAJOR update on the War Games draft.

As a result of some visa issues stemming back to Cecilworth M. Farthington’s lapsed HOW wrestling contract, he will be unable to compete in this year’s War Games. I will continue to work with my BFF and most trusted ally to ensure that he is able to maintain his position as the HOW Commissioner from his home in England, with more updates on that coming soon.

In the meantime, Michael Oliver Best and I have agreed that the only appropriate course of action is to announce a replacement first round pick. I’m pleased to announce that my first round pick for this year’s War Games is a man that my father greatly believed in, and a man that who I will continue to support in his growth and development in High Octane Wrestling. We have secured a new HOW deal that will allow this man to work closely with the Board on any… issues… we may encounter. My first round pick is:


Boom. CEO’d