The Story Behind Joe Bergman Returning to the Ring
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The Story Behind Joe Bergman Returning to the Ring

One reason why Joe Bergman is returning to High Octane Wrestling came to light this morning in a brand new post on wrestling blogger Jason Whatley’s ‘You Know I’m Right’ blog.

Whatley broke the news that Bergman and his wife, MVW’s Chief Brand Officer Laura Bergman, split up several months ago and that the divorce will finalized shortly.  According to Whatley, ‘inside sources’ told him that the Bergman’s problems began in 2020 when Joe returned to the ring for what was to be a one off match against former PBR tag team partner Steve Solex.  Laura was one hundred percent ‘dead-set’ against Joe ever getting back into the ring in a competitive arena ever again following heart surgery in 2020.

The couple’s problems escalated last year when Bergman began training again with an eye towards a possible return to the ring.  Whatley’s sources state Laura gave him an ultimatum that she would leave him if he pursued an in-ring return stating concerns about his health and fears of what could happen to him.  Ultimately, Joe decided to continue to push forward with restarting his in-ring wrestling career so Laura moved out in the fall of last year and a divorce action followed shortly thereafter.

Bergman has signed a short-term deal with HOW and, as we all found out last night on Refueled 92, has aligned himself with Solex, Clay Byrd, and Steve Harrison.