Stevens Speaks on Hard Times, MVW Suspension, Conor Fuse, and more
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Stevens Speaks on Hard Times, MVW Suspension, Conor Fuse, and more

Recently, it appears that hard times have apparently befallen HOW Hall of Famer, Scott Stevens, with his recent questionable actions and his recent suspension from Missouri Valley Wrestling for no showing their recent event. When MVW reached out to the Stevens Family for comments they received nothing. However, reached out to Scott Stevens and the man himself answered us. Here is some quotes from the phone conversation.

On his apparent drug and alcohol addiction.

“Look, why is everyone assuming I’ve fallen on hard times? I like to drink and take the recreational drug of choice HOW provides at every venue for its employees. Ya’ll think I need rehab or counseling because I’m not John Sektor, Rhys Townsend, Mike Best and countless others who’ve done the same thing as me. I’m fine.”

On not making War Games.

“What are you talking about? I qualified for War Games when I defeated Clay Byrd.”

On Conor Fuse.

“Conor Fuse’s time is ticking away. You saw that he had the audacity to try and have the EPU rough me up before War Games. What a coward. However, I’m not surprised because Conor showed his true colors with how he has used and abused his supposed friend David Noble. When those doors shut in Ukraine, he has nowhere to run and will have to face me.”

On Jace Parker Davidson.

“Midcard Davidson is just jealous of me. He’s jealous of the fact that while he’s been floundering away in the lower card trying to seek relevance I’ve been challenging for WORLD titles in a place where I belong…the MAIN EVENT! He can call me Main Event Stevens when he addresses me from now on. Besides MCD claims he has all this power, but what power does he truly have? I mean besides main eventing for world titles inside the ring, I am an Executive Vice President outside of it. Hell, I’m even the head official in charge of all referees because of their incompetence that’s why I was awarded Official of the Year. Besides that, I’m sure if I offered enough cash to Michael Oliver Best he’d award me seven percent of the company for being a good soldier. So when MCD acquires actually power besides being a stand in member of The Board let me know.

On Ray McAvay and suspension from MVW.

“I don’t know why this happened because I called Ray and told him my flight got cancelled, but how it went down I’m not surprised. We all know Ray is in the back pocket of the Board and he suspended me because of their orders of the jealousy of Conor Fuse and Midcard Davidson. Conor couldn’t share the spotlight of another world champion being in HOW with him and MCD couldn’t let me do what I do best and that’s main event for world titles. We all know I was weeks away from becoming the first and only HOW megastar to unify both the HOW and MVW world titles and become the undisputed world wrestling champion across the HOTv network. However, if Ray wants to suspend his biggest star that’s on him and his wallet because I’m still getting paid to sit home and while I’m at home he’s losing money.”

Some interesting comments from the Texan. If we hear anything else will be the first to let you know.