Statement from Sektor
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Statement from Sektor

Blaire Moise here with some breaking news. I have just received the following statement from Hall of famer, John Sektor:

“When I said I was retiring? I meant it. That hasn’t changed. I know many people are disappointed and upset to hear that but quite frankly? That just means I’ve been doing something right all these years. 

I will have more to say to everyone at the end of this weekends show in Colombia. 

I know people are angry that I said I’m not going to compete against Arthur Pleasant in this War Games qualifier and I can only apologise. 

Which is why I have decided to compete!

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by the right people at this point in my life and they have all forced me to realise what a travesty to wrestling it would be to allow Arthur Pleasant a free passage to War Games. One of the most prestigious events in wrestling history and I was going to let him get there without earning it? 

What was I thinking?

The fans deserve a match and that’s what they will get. 

If I can’t beat Arthur Pleasant this time around? Then I’m done and I will retire for good. 

But I don’t plan on losing.

On Sunday, I’m going to enter that ring and I am going to dig deeper than I have ever dug before and I am going to leave everything in the ring against Arthur Pleasant. I’m going to shut his fucking mouth for good. 

See I have a new goal now. A short term goal. I see myself retiring at War Games. One last War Games where I will put on the performance of my career and call time, with my old trainer Micky by my side. 

But Imagine if I won? 

One last run as World champion?

Either way, whatever scenario plays out will be the send off I deserve and I am grateful for those in my life who made me see sense. 

So put your big boy pants on Arthur. Because this is going to hurt!

                                                                                – J.Sektor”

So there you have it folks, the Gold Standard isn’t quite done yet. Be sure to tune in on Sunday for what will surely be an explosive show.