New Acquisition and More!
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New Acquisition and More!

It’s been a busy day here at and we are here with more news for you. After today’s earlier news from HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson, we have learned there is a bit of a trade going down.

Which is ironic with the NFL Draft happening tonight but as they say, ‘Anything can happen in HOW.’ Now with that being said it’s being reported that Jace Parker Davidson has agreed in principle to a deal with a woman on Twitter. She is self-proclaimed a Goddess of Chaos that goes by the name of Trixie Decker and is giving the former War Games winner a mini adult cow. JPD had this to say…

“It thought it was a good deal. At first, she wanted nothing in return but pure Chaos but being the gentleman that I am I couldn’t just let her walk away empty handed. The cow will be a great addition to HOW. I wanted to call her Besty 2.0 but I was informed by our great CEO Michael Lee Best that we have already had a Besty 2.0 here in HOW. That is why from this moment forward, my new acquisition will be known as Besty 2.97 Turbo Charged. I couldn’t be happier about how all of this transpired.”

So, what did Davidson give in return for the ‘new’ Besty?

He traded HOW wrestler Xander Azula off to Miss Decker.

“I mean, it’s a perfectly fair trade in my eyes and I see this as a win for High Octane Wrestling. Xander has always wandered around the halls of HOW arena’s mumbling about ‘his Goddess’ like an insane person. Well, now he gets to be in the presence of his beloved Goddess of Chaos. Of course, he’s been less than appreciative about this whole situation but that’s just because Xander has never been within a 50-mile radius of an actual woman. That will not be a deal breaker and I’m sure in time Xander will become the subservient man-slave that he’s always been meant to be. I would like to wish him well in his future endeavors and we’ll never forget the absolute and utterly lacking of contributions that he’s made to High Octane Wrestling.”

In other, less disturbing news…

It’s seems like Davidson was indeed wrong about John Sektor not bothering to compete this week at Refueled.

“Look, I stand by what I said and I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew that with my so-called ‘disrespect’ towards Sektor that he would eventually have a fire lit under his ass and he’d not back down from that gore porn twink boi known as Arthur Pleasant.  Retiring at War Games is a fitting end for someone like John Sektor. Why go out like a wet fart in a tag team match on Refueled when you can go out on the biggest PPV of the year.”

We informed Mr. Davidson of the possibility of Sektor winning War Games and having another run as HOW World Champion.

“Let’s not be ridiculous here. Now, I am more than happy to be on the same team with John Sektor but he’s not going to be the sole survivor come War Games. He’ll put on a good show and then when it’s all said and done he’ll have his feel good moment in front of the good people of the Ukraine. That is how you end a career. Not by stealing what should rightfully be mine. Also, before I forget… FUCK Arthur Pleasant with the Gorilla that Darin Zion eloquently Amber Hearded himself out of numerous times.”

Looks like we have one hell of a matchup on Refueled to see which former LSD Champion advances to War Games. Mr. Davidson had one more comment on the matter.

“I’ll be keeping my eyes on this match while sipping at the tears of one Bobbinette Carey over the fact she can’t sneak her bloated ass into the War Games match at Sektor’s expense. See you fucksticks Sunday night.”

**Note** Xander Azula is still a member of the HOW roster regardless of Mr. Davidson denying his rights as a human being.