John Sektor Retires
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John Sektor Retires

Yesterday afternoon John Sektor gave a statement to the fans where he stated that WHEN he and Adam Ellis lose the tag team titles that he would retire from professional wrestling indefinitely. Last night we witnessed the Devils Advocates be crowned new tag team champions after a hard fought match against the Gold Standard and Adam Ellis. We reached out to John Sektor for clarification on what this means and he had this to say:

“That’s it! I’m done. It’s been a LONG and great career and as disappointed as I am not to have done the tag titles more justice? I have to stay true to my word. I told Adam that if I was to go out tonight then the Devils Advocates would have EARNED it. It pains me to say it but they did exactly that and so I guess I have to swallow a bitter pill and simply congratulate them.

As for me, I can now enjoy wrestling as a none competitor and continue to train Adam and other future wrestling stars at my academy. I will be submitting my official letter of resignation and retirement to the Best’s in the morning.”

We informed Sektor that he had been booked to compete in a War Games qualifier against Arthur Pleasant and asked if he would honour the booking:

“No. I guess the match was booked because I haven’t officially handed in my notice. But retirement is retirement and I have ZERO intention of showing up to face Arthur Pleasant. He can enjoy the free pass but I will not be competing competitively ever again. I hope to be in Colombia next week to give some form of retirement speech but that very much depends on how the Best’s take the news and how civil they are about it. I’m hopeful that I will be given the respect I feel I deserve and allowed to go out peacefully on my own terms.”

It is a sad day indeed for High Octane Wrestling and wrestling as a whole, to lose such a great and legendary competitor. We wish Sektor all the best and will be following this story closely to bring you any updates as they happen.