HOTv Presents: Tale of the Tape E1
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HOTv Presents: Tale of the Tape E1

As the image comes into view we see Jack Dawson behind his desk.

Jack Dawson: That’s right everyone, Jack Dawson is back baby on HOTv!

A giant smile forms over Jack’s face.

Jack Dawson: I know I have been gone for a minute but I had to work out a new contract with the new regime in HOW and both Michael Oliver and Michael Lee Best have been very giving when they offered me a new lucrative contract that I couldn’t say no to. Not only is BTR coming back, but you’ll see me interviewing on Refueled and pay-per-views as well as bringing new content to the via HOTv.

Jack boasts proudly.

Jack Dawson: With that being said, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the premiere edition of Tale of the Tape!

Dawson eagerly states as the graphic flashes on the screen.

Jack Dawson: This will be a weekly preview of upcoming weekly and pay-per-view shows. First up is Refueled 95 on our venture to War Games. This is our second week of qualifying match ups and championship opportunities.

Jack nods as he turns to the camera to his left.

Jack Dawson: First up is Darin Zion taking on new comer, Noelle Rivers. Both individuals are trying to find their footing in HOW and a win and qualifying for War Games could be the catalyst of change for both. Darin Zion has been trying to keep his head above water, but the loss to Simon Sparrow at March to Glory surely hurt is momentum as he is slowly been drowning in the weeks after. Noelle Rivers was thrown into the deep end of the pool with a shark named GenoSyde as she challenged for the HOTv championship in her first match in HOW. The rookie came up short, but the question remains does she bounce back from this loss and prove herself worthy of a War Games selection? Or will she be rattled in the big moment again?

The graphic of Zion vs Rivers changes to just Zion.

Jack Dawson: My prediction is that Darin Zion will emerge victorious. The reason being is that if you haven’t subscribed to the 4Z Network you are missing out. Not only is Darin hungry to be on a War Games team, but he appears to got his swagger back that he had back in his Sex and Money days when he was an annoying douchebag of an individual and I think his experience and grit will be too much for Noelle Rivers to withstand.

The graphic changes to Steve Solex vs Murphy Doyle Maher.

Jack Dawson: Next is HOW’s Number One MercDad vs newcomer, Murphy Doyle Maher, better known as MDM.

Jack informs as he turns to his right.

Jack Dawson: MDM had a successful debut as he defeated Eli Dresden, but he faces a tough task ahead in Steve Solex. Solex is a Hall of Famer and former champion for a reason because he knows how to get the job done. His leadership has transferred from his time in the military to his time in HOW and he knows what to do and how to achieve victory. Can MDM do the same? This reporter thinks so. Even though MDM is playful in nature with his colorful t-shirts you can get at, it’s all part of his plan. To draw you into a war of words or get you off of your game with the nonsense and he catches you off guard and steals a victory.

The graphic changes to just MDM.

Jack Dawson: My prediction for victory is MDM.

Jack holds up a finger.

Jack Dawson: Because of outside shenanigans. MDM is capable of defeating Solex by himself, but recently, HOW’s MercDaddy has had confrontations with members of The Board, specifically Christopher America as the two have engaged into a war of words recently about who is truly a better American. I predict that Christopher America will buy Steve Solex’s defeat this Sunday night.

Jack foresees as he turns to center.

Jack Dawson: Next up is the Champion vs Champion match as the LSD champion, Steve Harrison takes on HOTv champion, STRONK Goodson.

The graphic of STRONK and Harrison is shown with the HOTv title in the background.

Jack Dawson: Only STRONK’s title is on the line, but this is more than just a battle for bragging rights because a victory could make someone a double champion or the other as the unofficial number one contender to the LSD title. Since returning from a knee injury, Steve Harrison has been a slow burning candle as he’s slowly racked up victories until he won his first singles championship with a victory over Arthur Pleasant. STRONK on the other hand as been an irresistible force to reckon with as he has been on a dominant winning streak since losing to JJR.

The graphic turns to STRONK.

Jack Dawson: I believe STRONK takes it in the end after a very close call.

Jack turns to his left as the graphic for Carey and Sparrow come onto the screen.

Jack Dawson: Next is the battle of Hall of Famers as Simon Sparrow takes on Bobbinette Carey. This is an epic showdown as you have two of the earliest HOW’s earliest known wrestlers doing battle almost two decades later. Both believe they are the greatest in HOW history and a victory over the other can bring credibility to that claim.

A bird chirp is heard as the graphic changes to Simon Sparrow.

Jack Dawson: I have to give it to Sparrow because I don’t trust Carey’s mind set especially when she’s wasn’t fully focused on a debuting rookie and it cost her.

Jack turns to his left.

Jack Dawson: And now it’s time for the Main Event.

The graphic for the tag match pops up.

Jack Dawson: We have the number one contenders, Arthur Pleasant and Jeffrey James Roberts: Devil’s Advocates taking on the champions, John Sektor and Adam Ellis. This match is particular interesting as John Sektor and Adam Ellis are undefeated as a team in HOW while JJR and Arthur Pleasant are decent as a team but they are both coming off of defeats where they lost their singles championship.

Jack states as he turns to the center.

Jack Dawson: Don’t it twisted that JJR and Pleasant are being thrown to the wolves because Pleasant is the one who defeated the longest reigning LSD champion of this era in John Sektor and JJR murdered everyone for five months as he had a stranglehold on the HOTv championship.

The graphic shows the champions retaining.

Jack Dawson: I have the champions retaining in a highly competitive match. I believe Sektor losing the LSD championship was the best thing because he refocused and became a champion later in the night and when Sektor is focused he’s almost unstoppable. Also, I don’t believe Ellis’ inexperience won’t be a factor. I believe we watch him grown in the tag tournament and become a man in HOW by becoming a champion. JJR and Pleasant will put up a hell of a fight, but they both seem without direction momentarily and that will be their down fall.

Jack states as the camera zooms in.

Jack Dawson: I’m Jack Dawson and I’m glad you tuned in. See you next week.