Exclusive with the newest HOFer on War Games.
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Exclusive with the newest HOFer on War Games.

We have received word here at Howrestling.com that after an extensive confrontation via the Twitter app that Board member and HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson had some strong words for HOW newcomer Noelle Rivers. We were able to catch up with the former War Games winner and here are a few things he had to say.

“War Games has always been one of the biggest events in HOW history and this year 12 people will be entering inside of a steel cage in the Ukraine to compete in a match that will certainly shorten your career. While I am confident that my teammates so far being one half of the HOW World Tag Team Champions Jeffrey James Roberts along with current HOTv Champion Stronk Godson will give a 110% effort in this match. I am not so sure that one Noelle Rivers is as invested as one should be given the opportunity that stands before her after only competing in two matches here in High Octane Wrestling.”

When pressed further about Noelle Rivers this is what Mr. Davidson had to say.

“She is definitely the weak link on our team so far. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, I mean she only beat Darin Zion and EVERYONE beats Darin Zion. Regardless, there is potential in Miss Rivers if she only had the focus and drive to be successful. I know her whole lazy, I don’t give a damn attitude might be cool if she was an emo girl still in High School but this is the big time. I don’t care what other companies she been in or what worked for her in those places. War Games is a TEAM event and because she beat Zion that makes her a part of the team. I will not have my chances of becoming a two time War Games winner be dashed across the rocks because Noelle would rather pick her nose with a cactus than to actually perform at the level she is capable of in the ring.”

We asked about the threats/punishments that were thrown out on Twitter towards Miss Rivers if she does not comply.

“Look, I threatened to lock her in a room and make her listen to Darin Zion do Karaoke for 24 hours straight. I threatened to make her give a full length back massage to Stronk Godson after he’s been fed a five-gallon drum of beans. I also threatened that she would be left in the Ukraine if she didn’t perform up to expectations and all I got in return was ‘I’m good with that.’ She’s one hell of a little demon munchkin but this is too important to just let slide under the rug. I don’t care if we have to pluck out each and every single one of her butt pubes with a flaming pair of tweezers. She will be an asset to our team and be part of the reason that I… that WE are victorious come the PPV. She wants to play games with The Board? The consequences will be SEVERE!”

With that said we had one last parting comment from Mr. Davidson before he boarded a flight to South Carolina.

“Oh yeah, and FUCK Arthur Pleasant.”

Tune into this week’s Refueled to see how this all plays out.