David Noble to be at Refueled 92
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David Noble to be at Refueled 92

Blaire Moise here with you on this uneventful Friday evening with some news to share with you about David Noble. Noble has been confirmed to be at Refueled 92, but our sources within the management team have also told us that Noble has not signed his contract as of yet.

I decided to call up David Noble earlier this evening and was able to get his comments, though they were not about him appearing at Refueled 92. Here is a quick transcript of our call.

Blaire Moise: I’ve heard rumors that Scott Stevens was seen in a bush with a ten-year-old kid and was talking about you. Do you have any comments about this?

David Noble: I’m trying to figure out who should be in jail more. Stevens or the mom who willingly lets her child wander around with Stevens at the zoo. I’m leaning towards Stevens, but that mother isn’t too bright either.

Blaire Moise: Any comments to Scott Stevens?

David Noble: You mean a man whose son is living with Steve Solex and Clay Byrd? A man who somehow got two World Championship shots and has yet to win in 2022? A man who is the literal stain of HOW? No comment.


Needless to say, we will be waiting for further word on what Noble intends to do at Refueled 92… and whether or not Scott Stevens is arrested for attempted kidnapping.