David Noble Comments on Main Event Shenanigans
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David Noble Comments on Main Event Shenanigans

Blaire Moise here. Reactions are coming fast and furiously over the last hour or so as wrestlers and staff are reacting to the main event ending of Refueled 92. One wrestler I’ve been texting with since the end of the show, who left before the main event began, is David Noble.

As it was revealed during Refueled 92, during a conversation with HOW World Champion Conor Fuse, Noble has not signed his new contract though he is in possession of it. There is no timetable for him to sign the contract as of right now.

I texted Noble after the events of Refueled 92 and he offered me some candid thoughts. Here is our text message conversation.

Blaire Moise: Did you happen to see what happened during the main event with Conor Fuse and Clay Byrd?
David Noble: I did. Fuck the Board. Fuck Clay Byrd.
Blaire Moise: Care to elaborate any further?
David Noble: Fuck them all with a cheese grater.

Then, I asked him about Cecil Farthington’s comments about Conor Fuse and this was his response:

David Noble: Fuck Cecil Farthington. Tell him he wants to keep talking shit then to say them in the ring, face to face.

No telling when David Noble will be on HOW TV again, but needless to say, he was not happy with what unfolded towards his tag team partner and friend, Conor Fuse.

As we get more information, we’ll have it here on HOWrestling.com