Dan Ryan Signs With TEN-X, Plus More Details
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Dan Ryan Signs With TEN-X, Plus More Details

Details were released to HOWrestling.com this afternoon regarding the TEN-X program, a new initiative for High Octane Wrestling that was reported on earlier this week.

“TEN-X is the future.” Best told staff. “In a way, it’s a spiritual homage to everything I did with SixTime Academy, but it’s hard to call it a sequel. Or even a reboot. This is a brand new thing. Not quite a school. Not quite a territory. Not quite like anything the wrestling business has seen up to this point.”

As described to staff, TEN-X is an all-inclusive training program that prepares pro-wrestlers of any age or level experience for peak performance on a larger stage. The program is open to anyone willing to pay the currently undisclosed tuition, but we’re told that scholarship programs are currently in the works.

“This is for everyone.” Michael said. “Whether it’s your first time lacing up a pair of boots, or you’re just in a slump and looking to break out of it. Reach out. Let’s talk. We’re talking about EVERYTHING here… from physical wellness, to fighting psychology, to how to manage your money on the road. This isn’t a couple of classes on armbars, this is trained, experienced wrestlers teaching you how to succeed in a very difficult profession and lifestyle to navigate.”

Equal parts hands-on experience and mentoring experience, TEN-X will be offering lessons in areas such as: Performing on camera, public speaking, nutrition, addiction management, financial management, injury recovery, learning the HOW system, and more. Personal guidance will influence what areas of expertise are necessary for individual applicants.

In addition to managing the wrestling lifestyle, TEN-X will also offer real in-ring experience at real shows in front of live crowds. Whether this means running its own events, or partnering with an affiliate such as Missouri Valley Wrestling, is not currently confirmed.

“A lot more to come.” the CEO noted. “This is something that is really going to change the landscape, I think. As my father likes to say… a game changer. We’re going to integrate these Indy guys into the big leagues in a real way, and we’re going to take your guys who were maybe successful five years ago and get them back on that level again.”

Rumors are swirling regarding potential staff involvement with TEN-X, with names like Cecilworth Farthington seeming like an unconfirmed no-brainer. Michael Lee Best DID confirm one major staff signing as of this morning, and it’s a big one.

“Dan Ryan is a TEN-Xer.” Michael revealed. “Literally the ink is drying as we speak. This isn’t a low rent operation… I’m honored to have Dan on the payroll, as he was a mentor to me and is one of my best friends. Who the fuck doesn’t wanna get mentored by Dan Ryan? Remember where the name TEN-X comes from… this program doesn’t exist if I didn’t have Dan Ryan inspiring and eventually mentoring me.”

More details are expected in the coming week, and wrestlers interested in the benefits that the program may provide them are urged to reach out to the CEO directly.