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Hello everyone, after his clean victory vs. Clay Byrd at ReFUSED XCii, Conor Fuse has leveled up! No longer known as The Ultimate Gamer he is now The Ultimate War Gamer. Conor Fuse held an exclusive post-match interview on the video game kid’s Twitch feed. Here are the highlights…

ON TITLE MATCH WITH CLAY: Let’s be real, this was an extremely difficult battle but I won like the over-amazing good guy I am, gaining the XP needed to become War Games captain.

ON HOW HE’S SPENDING HIS XP: All of my points are going to Leadership to ensure my captaincy is taken seriously. Some players build their characters to be tanks, giving them lots of HP and then they pull argo on the computer, absorbing the hits. Conor Fuse doesn’t need to be a tank. There’s enough of them in HOW. Conor Fuse needs to be a Lovable Leader. Also, everyone else better not pull agro on me.

ON FUTURE CAPTAINCY: Now wearing a “C” on my jersey, I will go through gaming manuals on all High Octane Players (HOP) to find the right combination of teammates. Very thorough process. Looking for appropriate XP gamers (vigor and endurance a key) who aren’t just out there grinding BOTS on the low end. So obviously, no Harrison. Winky face.

ON CLAY BYRD REPROGRAMMING HIMSELF TO BE AN ASMR ARTIST:¬†Clay could do muckbanging, too. It would be an amazing YouTube channel. Go look up muckbanging. You’re welcome.

ON THE NEWS BOARD BEING CONTINUALLY FLOODED BY CECILWORTH FARTHINGTON: Ya, it’s more annoying than some of the simps jumping into my private discord and flooding the channel. Seriously get a life or something bud. And that’s coming from me.

ON PLAYING ELDEN RING: OMG great game. Gonna marathon 58-hours of it, call Scottywood over we can booze it up (I will be drinking chocolate milk tho) and then get serious about wrestling. I need this break.

Conor Fuse mentioned there will be MOAR to come this weekend. Maybe even beforehand. Who knows.