BTR – Noelle Rivers
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BTR – Noelle Rivers

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with I recently sat down for an interview with one of HOW’s newest signees, Noelle Rivers



As the Between the Ropes theme song hits, Jack Dawson sits behind his large wooden desk waiting to kick things off.

Jack Dawson: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Between the Ropes and I am your host, Jack Dawson!

The studio audience claps and cheers with enthusiasm.

Jack Dawson: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack acknowledges the audience.

Jack Dawson: In case you’ve been living under a rock, HOW is in the season of War and we are in week three of War Games qualifiers!

Jack shouts with enthusiasm as the studio audience cheers in agreement.

Jack Dawson: We’ve had major upsets and some predictable outcomes. Captains Conor Fuse and Clay Byrd have advanced with wins over Scott Stevens and David Noble. Jeffrey James Roberts also advanced with a convincing win over Brian Hollywood along with STRONK, Steve Solex and Noelle Rivers.

The audience boos at Noelle’s name and Jack motions for them to calm down.

Jack Dawson: Calm down. Calm down. Apparently, my guest is not well received in HOW and that could be for a good reason because my guest tonight is NOELLE RIVERS!

The crowd continues to boo as Jack looks in the direction that Noelle is supposed to come out from for an uncomfortable amount of time until he finally stands and disappears to the back only to return yanking Rivers by her arm before forcefully sitting her down in a chair. Jack adjusts himself and regains composure before starting the interview.

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show.

Noelle stares blankly at Jack who tensely smiles and motions for her to speak. She continues to stare. He continues to motion with his smile becoming more strained by the minute before covertly kicking her in the shin heard enough that she produces a yelp.

Jack Dawson: How are you this evening?

Noelle Rivers: Bruised.

Jack Dawson: I see, and why is that?

Noelle Rivers: You kicked me.

Jack Dawson: Well if you would’ve come out when introduced it wouldn’t have happened. Just be glad the EPU didn’t drag you out in shackles.

Noelle Rivers: Wouldn’t be the first time.

Jack raises an eyebrow at the comment.

Jack Dawson: O…..K……..

Jack replies as he looks Noelle up and down.

Jack Dawson: Before we get into what you’ve been doing in High Octane Wrestling, give the fans who might not know you a little bit of information about yourself. What companies have you wrestled in? What are some of your biggest accomplishments? Biggest matches? Etc. Being a twenty year veteran of this industry I’m sure you have a lot of stories to tell.

Noelle Rivers: I’m nineteen years old. My accomplishments include being born and… actually that’s pretty much it. Oh! I allegedly lit a man on fire in a bar about a year ago and it made the front page of the paper. They say he’s almost completely regained the use of his right arm.

Jack is taken aback by that answer and cautiously moves away a bit.

Jack Dawson: Lighting someone on fire?

Noelle Rivers: Allegedly.

Jack Dawson: I see…..sounds like you’ll fit in HOW because lighting someone on fire is like a normal Saturday around here.

Noelle Rivers: This was a Tuesday.

Jack Dawson: Can I ask what the man did to receive such a cruel punishment from you?

Noelle Rivers: No.

Jack Dawson: What about your family?

Noelle Rivers: No.

Jack Dawson: Care to talk about them and give our audience a little background into the life of Noelle Rivers?

Noelle Rivers: No.

Jack Dawson: Why not?

Noelle Rivers: The N. And also the O.

Jack Dawson: I see.

Jack seems annoyed with the constant nos but changes gears.

Jack Dawson: So….what made you get into the wrestling business?

Noelle Rivers: I was forced.

Jack Dawson: Exactly how were you forced?

Noelle Rivers: This line of questioning is triggering me and I do not consent.

Jack Dawson: I see. Sorry you were passed around like that against your will.

Noelle Rivers: It happens.

Jack Dawson: Are you currently in other promotions or is High Octane Wrestling your exclusive home?

Noelle Rivers: I am not currently contractually obligated to appear anywhere else outside of this place and meetings with my probation officer.

Jack Dawson: I see. Well now that you have stepped foot in HOW you are batting 500 hundred with one loss and one victory.

Noelle Rivers: It’s incredibly disappointing. It should have been two losses.

Jack Dawson: Why do you say that?

Noelle Rivers: Because I should not have won.

Jack Dawson: You don’t want to win?

Noelle Rivers: No.

Jack Dawson: With you so young and new to this business did you get nervous battling GenoSyde for the HOTv championship in your first match with the company?

Noelle Rivers: No.

Jack Dawson: Care to elaborate a little?

Noelle Rivers: Yes. Wait, no.

Jack shakes his head in frustration.

Jack Dawson: Recently, you defeated Darin Zion and qualified for a spot on the War Games team, but you seemed less than thrilled about your victory.

Noelle Rivers: It should have been Zion.

Jack Dawson: Why is that?

Noelle Rivers: He was robbed. That ref is an alcoholic with a gambling problem, he purposely screwed over Daryl Zion to line his own cheap polyester pockets. No justice, no peace.

Jack Dawson: I see, and how do you know he is an alcoholic with a gambling problem?

Noelle Rivers: I saw it on his IG story. We also have the same bookie.

Jack Dawson: So you like to gamble?

Noelle Rivers: Mostly bingo. But only after the seniors get their social security checks.

Jack Dawson: I see. Recently, Jace Parker Davidson called you out on Twitter and in a news piece saying you were the weak link of the team you are on. What do you think of that?

Noelle Rivers: I maintain that I am not on a team but if I were then yes he is correct.

Jack Dawson: Why is that?

Noelle Rivers: Why is what?

Jack Dawson: That you maintain you are the weak link of the War Games team?

Noelle Rivers: I maintain that I am not on a war games team.

Jack Dawson: I mean there are a lot of people who have been eliminated that would love to be in the opportunity you are in. David Noble, Darin Zion, Steve Harrison and even Scott Stevens are just a few of the people who would gladly step in your place to replace you if it came down to that.

Noelle Rivers: Done. No take backs.

Jack Dawson: So you’re willing to give up your spot to someone else?

Noelle Rivers: You’re joking, right?

Jack Dawson: Why?

Noelle Rivers: I’ve literally said it no less than twenty times. What is not getting through? Have I been unclear? Is there a preferred verbiage I should be using? Do I need to say it through the art of interpretive dance?

Jack Dawson: No and with that I thank you for this interview.

Noelle Rivers: Was it something I said?

Jack Dawson: No, and with that I thank my guest for coming on and goodnight everyone.

Jack replies as he waves goodbye.