BTR Exclusive – After Refueled 92
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BTR Exclusive – After Refueled 92

BTR Exclusive

Jack Dawson: Jack Dawson here with an exclusive Between the Ropes short with Scott Stevens after Refueled 92, enjoy.

The image changes to a shot of the Best Arena hours after the event has concluded and we see Scott Stevens walking out with his bags and heads to his car.

Jack Dawson: Scott! Scott!

Jack shouts at the Texan to get his attention. Stevens stops and waits for Jack to get near.

Scott Stevens: What’s up man?

Jack Dawson: Just wanted to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind?

Scott Stevens: Ask away.

Stevens replies as he stations his suitcases.

Jack Dawson: Tonight, you came up short in your match with STRONK Godson. Where does that leave you going forward?

Stevens sighs.

Scott Stevens: Congrats to STRONK, he brought the fight and he got one over on me. As far as what’s next, I have to do whatever I can to make sure I’m on a War Games team. Despite this loss it showed that I’m still a valuable piece to any teams puzzle come the pay-per-view.

Jack Dawson: Speaking of War Games teams, what was Scottywood doing with you in your locker room?

Stevens chuckles.

Scott Stevens: You’re going to have to ask him yourself. I mean it’s come to the point that two friends can’t hang out and have a beer without everyone thinking I’m on the Careywood bandwagon.

Jack Dawson: So you aren’t on their team.

Scott Stevens: As of this moment Scott Stevens is a free agent. As the weeks go on we shall see if my services are rendered.

Jack Dawson: Very well. Two more questions.

Scott Stevens: Shoot.

Jack Dawson: What were your thoughts on the Main Event and what transpired?

Stevens smirks and chuckles to himself.

Scott Stevens: Is anyone surprised at what happened Jack?

Stevens asks, but before Jack can answer he’s cut off.

Scott Stevens: It’s the same bullshit just on a different day. Mike Best and his handjob society took a fucking shit all over the world title. A fucking title I respect more than any other world title I have ever won because it’s that prestigious!

Stevens doesn’t hide his feelings because it’s no secret he wants that title back around his waist.

Scott Stevens: Let’s be brutally honest if we can and if Lee Best was still alive he would never allowed that bullshit to happen. Plus, if Michael Oliver Best appointed me as the official everyone knows none of that bullshit that happened here tonight would’ve taken place on my watch either, but it is what it is. The funny thing is that it took three Hall of Famers and Jace to take down Clay Byrd….

Stevens is interrupted by Jack.

Jack Dawson: Jace is a Hall of Famer as well Scott.

Scott Stevens: Is he? Well, I’ll rephrase my statement that it took three and a half Hall of Famers to defeat a fellow Texan. Even the Best Alliance had more class than the Bored because they keep doing the same Hashtag Predictable boring bullshit.

Stevens looks at Jack and brings the mic in closer..

Scott Stevens: Same characters. Different name. Same boring shit.

Jack Dawson: Final question, do you think Conor Fuse knew about it?

Scott Stevens: God I hope not, and this is speaking from experience, Conor is better off staying away from those four jackoffs because once they are done using him they’ll turn on him in a heartbeat.

Jack Dawson: Thanks for your time.

Stevens nods and picks up his bags and heads to his car as the video fades.