Update on the #AndNew LSD Champion!
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Update on the #AndNew LSD Champion!

On a day where the updates just keep rolling in, we have another update coming out of a highly eventful March To Glory 2022.

In an update to previous reports regarding David Noble currently being without a contract, as well as Jeffrey James Roberts having some of his perks taken away and throwing a fit over his historic HOTv Championship reign coming to an end at the hands of James Cornfield’s monstrous GenoSyde, there’s news of another contract negotiation coming to light.

#AndNew LSD Champion, Arthur Pleasant, who defeated John Sektor via submission/referee’s decision and thus ended his historic 274 day run, has reopened contract negotiations. Some may remember at the start of the year that, as part of a sweetener deal upon re-signing with the company for 2022, if Arthur Pleasant could win a championship throughout 2022, his month to month $9,700 contract would be re-opened for negotiations and thus be given the opportunity on a more secure, yearly salary.

Rumor has it that the salary could end up being in the 60-70K range. However, Arliss Peters, Arthur Pleasant’s attorney, is said to be fighting for the following:

            1. A Hall of Fame salary.
            2. Plus one dollar.
            3. Permissions to use the Best Arena’s gym facilities that were previously only permitted for Best Alliance members.
            4. An Arthur Pleasant HOW ice cream bar
              1. Orange coconut pistachio lemon mint chocolate fig newton flavor
            5. Admin privileges for the HOW Discord
              1. So he can kick Darin Zion.
              2. When no one else is around to do the job.

All of this is said to be, “Due in part to Arthur Pleasant liberating the LSD Division from the tyranny of Hackenshmidt-esque grapplefites that put people to fucking sleep”.

Whether or not that part is true is anybody’s guess as no one seems to be able to validate that part of this information.

Sources do say, however, that Arthur Pleasant expects demands a congratulatory ceremony of epic proportions at Refueled XCII.

More on this story as it develops!