Taking Losses Well
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Taking Losses Well

March to Glory.
Immediately following Genosyde’s HoTV Title win.

A bloodied and heavily sweating Jeffrey James Roberts is being led through the halls of the Best Arena. He’s breathing heavily and has a blank expression on his face. As he is led through the doors to the parking lot, he looks to the side, squinting, and sees Mike Best getting ready to leave the arena. They make eye contact briefly, and one of Mike’s eyes raises, and he smirks slightly. Roberts holds his look on him, not making any expression as he is finally led through the doors.

Roberts squints as his eyes adjust to the darkness outside, and two additional EPU guards show up and fall in line with the rest, leading him to the trailer set up just ahead. Three of the guards step up the metal portable stairs and opens the door at the top. Roberts follows behind, and the remaining three guards stay outside on the stoop. Roberts looks at 4th Wahl sitting behind his desk and gives him a little wink as he is led through the second interior door, then down the hall. One of the guards swings the cell door wide open, and the other two shove Roberts inside.

Roberts holds up his wrists, still bound.

“Forget something, boys?”

They don’t respond. For a moment Roberts stares at them, then makes an expression as if saying, “Well???”

After a few moments, they look down the hall from where they came. One of the guards smirks then gives Roberts one last glance before all three walk away. Footsteps continue down the hall in the direction of the cell, and in a few moments, 4th Wahl steps into view.

Roberts smiles at his arrival.

“Hello, old friend.”

Wahl keeps stoic. “Not your friend, Jeff.”

Roberts makes a frowny face.

“Aww, come on. After all we’ve been through…”

4th Wahl ignores him completely, and they stare at each other in silence for a few moments before Wahl speaks up.

“Just got a call from the boss.”

Roberts grins devilishly. “Am I in trouble?”

“Yes,” Wahl replies without hesitation. “That’s why you’re still in cuffs.”

Roberts’ grin fades from his face.

Wahl frowns back at him.

“He said… let the prisoner know that all of his perks that he’s been given, are now officially rescinded. He said… he’d rather not reward… a failure.

At this, Roberts’ eyes actually go wide in legitimate shock, and with each passing moment his breathing becomes heavier, and he starts to shake with rage.


Wahl says nothing.


Still nothing from the big man.

Roberts growls and rushes the cell wall, smashing his own face, already bloody from his match, into steel bars. This stuns him momentarily, then he looks back up through gritted teeth.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!! I’ll show him… I’ll show him who the failure is!!”

It gets quiet for a brief moment, then Roberts erupts. “I’LL SHOW HIM WHO THE FAILURE IS!!”

4th Wahl turns away finally, not giving the prisoner the satisfaction of a response, and walks away, and Roberts continues angrily yelling in the background.