Post March to Glory Discussions at the Fairlane Diner
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Post March to Glory Discussions at the Fairlane Diner

HOW’s intrepid backstage interviewer Blaire Moise reported that the day after winning the HOW Tag Team title with John Sektor, Adam Ellis was spotted having lunch yesterday at the Fairlane Diner just north of Springfield, Illinois on his way back to St. Louis.

Adam’s lunch partner…

Victoria McGill.

Before March to Glory, McGill and Ellis had been linked in a possible romance until the news of her one night rendezvous with Sektor broke a week before the show.  McGill met Ellis at the diner and after lunch had a very long conversation in the parking lot with the new HOW Tag Team champion.

But that’s not all.  McGill apparently hitched a ride to the Fairlane Diner with no other than…

Joe Bergman.

The former two-time HOW world champion has also been in the news of late wrestling three matches in the past few weeks to get back into shape after getting cleared to wrestle again.

So while Ellis and McGill had their long discussion outside the restaurant, Bergman sat in a corner booth inside the restaurant with none other than Steve Solex- his former PBR tag team partner.

Even more intriguing, Solex, Clay Byrd, and Steve Harrison were all seen at Bergman’s match at MVW’s recent Spring Fling show.

So what does all of this mean?

Who the hell knows.

Stay tuned.