Adam Ellis Involved in Altercation Earlier Today
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Adam Ellis Involved in Altercation Earlier Today

During a question-and-answer session this afternoon at the Best Arena , an altercation broke out between Adam Ellis and the man behind the wrestling dirt sheet blog “You Know I’m Right”- Jason Whatley.

Ellis and his tag team partner, LSD Champion John Sektor, spent twenty-five minutes answering questions from local media, reporters, and personalities from several wrestling shows and blogs.   For most of the press conference, Sektor seemed pleased with how the young Ellis handled the questions thrown his way.

But towards the end, Whatley stood up and asked Ellis about his rumored relationship with MVW’s Victoria McGill.  Ellis repeated the answer that he, and McGill, have given over the past few weeks- they’re friends.

Then Whatley stunned Ellis, Sektor, and everyone in room when he produced a series of photos of Sektor and McGill leaving a bar last Saturday night and getting into a cab, the couple at the River City Casino,  checking into the River City Casino Hotel, and Sektor dropping McGill off at her apartment the next morning.

Ellis leapt over the table and tackled Whatley causing a fracas to break out.  It took the EPU several minutes to regain order and suffice to say, the question and answer availability came to an abrupt end.

The news comes ten days before Sektor and Ellis are scheduled to face Conor Fuse and David Noble for the HOW Tag Team title at March to Glory.  Up to this point, they’ve been a united team and with a singleminded focus on the winning the title.

Now in the aftermath of this incident, the question on everyone’s mind will be can Sektor and Ellis pull it together in time for March to Glory.

Stay tuned.